Exclusive Interview with Custom Dress Designer Palferez Couture

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In a quaint New Jersey boutique, Manuel Palferez shows off his handmade creations for his custom bridal company, Palferez Couture. There are yellow slip skirts and blue-grey dresses hanging on racks scattered throughout the studio. Yet, the real eye candy is his wedding dress collection. Some of his most ornate pieces come from this bridal collection. When our host, Sarah, asks him about how he got into bridal fashion in the first place, Palferez smiles.

“The bridal collection started by accident,” he says. When one of his clients came in and requested a wedding dress for her wedding next month, he rushed to her service and delivered a stunning dress in just three weeks. Since then, he has been in the bridal business.

Palferez doesn’t always make a custom wedding dress in three week’s time, but even without that pressure he still finds himself spending sleepless nights and full weekends designing gorgeous bridal gowns. “That’s what you do when you love something,” he says. The industry is full of challenges. From working on destination weddings with precise themes to crafting dresses in a matter of weeks, Palferez is ready for anything. The designer is especially fond of lace because it “pops”. “I want everything to be WOW,” he explains. “There’s nothing worse than being out-dressed by a guest as your own wedding.” He is careful to guide you to designs that will compliment your body. Our host Sarah even tried on a few for fun.

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Palferez Couture Custom Dresses

palferez couture
Image Courtesy of Palferezcouture


Fashioned as a cocktail dress with a flowing, frilly train in the back, this dress is loud and modern in the best ways. This Palferez Couture custom dress features a detachable train so you can easily transform it from a wedding dress to a party dress with one slight alteration. This allows the bride to switch from simple to couture without changing outfits. Palferez says this makes the dress ideal for destinations weddings on the beach. The two-in-one design element means after an officiated ceremony, you can quickly lose the train and get ready to party!

sexy black dress
Image Courtesy of Palferezcouture


Mesh, lace, and a tutu make up this gorgeous little black dress from Palferez Couture’s new collection Celebrity. The collection is scheduled to debut in February of 2017, but we here at Richard Magazine we got you a little sneak peak. Despite the heavy appearance of this dress, it’s a surprisingly light and flexible. The stretched taffeta gives off a sophisticated air, but this piece could also be tamed down into casual wear with a leather jacket and sneakers. In either setting, this little black dress is sexy without being too aggressive.

Image Courtesy of Palferezcouture


Sexier than the fairytale dress but still decorative and sophisticated, this beautiful custom dress by Palferez Couture is adorned with lace that flows from the torso to wrap gracefully around the neck. Lace with the chiffon skirt is comfortable and fresh, while still looking like stunning Cinderella bride. Another versatile option for a destination wedding or the after-party on your big day!


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