Juicy Couture Debuts Latest Fragrance, Oui Juicy Couture

The popular Juicy Couture fragrance library has just expanded to include another fresh and fun new scent for women! Oui Juicy Couture is a refreshing and fruity perfume that will keep the joy of carefree summer days going all year long. And as the new school year starts up, we know you’re going to want everlasting summer vibes!

This blend pairs top notes of water lemon, açaí tea natureprint, and pear infusion with heart notes of jasmine absolute, wild tuberose, and dewy honeysuckle natureprint and base notes of techno woods, amber resins, and captive musks. Like all of Juicy’s products, this scent is nostalgic and youthful – but has been fabulously formulated for our modern 2018 style needs.

Oui Juicy Couture

“Get hooked right from the start with the tart freshness from a fusion of watermelon and lemon in a special water lemon note,” the brand shared about the fragrance on its website. “The chic sophistication of jasmine absolute paired with provocative wild tuberose creates an iconic duo, while a modern sense of addiction is born through sleek techno woods. Just say OUI to addictive energy and movement that don’t stop.”

The glossy, color-blocked pink and red bottle is also a stunning piece to keep on your dresser top or vanity table. Because who doesn’t need a little touch of luxury in their day?

Oui Juicy CoutureWe can’t wait to add this cheery and energizing scent to our daily summer rotation!

You can shop the Oui Juicy Couture fragrance on the brand’s website, and at beauty retailers like Macy’s, Ulta, HSN, and more.

The scent is now available in 1.7oz ($85) and 3.4oz ($105) bottle sizes, as a rollerball ($25), and as a coordinating scented body crème ($25).

Be sure to catch the fun new Oui Juicy Couture campaign video in the player below!

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