Potential Online Shopping Scams to Be Wary of This Holiday Season

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Let be real. It’s 2016 and literally the only way most of us buy anything is via online shopping. However, as we’ve learned from tons of news segments, personal experiences, and ::gasp:: the Internet itself, we should all be aware of the potential online shopping scams during the holiday season. We’re not saying that these sites are guaranteed online shopping scams, just be conscious of doing your research beforehand to ensure a happy and safe holiday season, free of really annoying situations like your gift not arriving on time, or worse, not at all.

online shopping scams
Courtesy of Twinkle Deals

Twinkle Deals

We all like deals, especially twinkling deals. The problem is, 313 of 460 total reviewers report product problems. Let’s ask the audience what they think. On SiteJabber.com, one review writes:

“I purchased a dress and the fabric is like a shower curtain. Unwearable and xl is like a medium. Not worth returning as it is way too difficult. Would never buy from them again.”

Another comment:

“All items ordered were too small even though I ordered size up. Incorrect spelling (screen print) along with poor grammar. Embarrassing. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. The website shows much better quality than what you receive. In addition, I’ve been trying to communicate with the company via their “customer service” where you are required to fill out a ticket. Unfortunately, once you complete the form, it won’t allow you to submit. Tried multiple times and unable to do it. There is no other way to contact them. Stay away!”

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon


The BBB, AKA the Better Business Bureau, registered 235 complaints in the past three years against the online shopping website, Wish.com. Take a look at these customer experiences:

“Ordered over $100 of stuff for my kids for Christmas. Received email confirmation and a preauthorization debit on my card. Within 2 days they credited back the funds and two days after that they sent an app notification that my order was refunded due to issues with my account and now they are asking for me to upload a photo id and a copy of my bank statement… WTF?!?! Umm…no thanks!”

And another…

“I have nothing good to say about this company. Shipping is expensive. I ordered a bunch of items and within a month have only received two. And those both went in the trash because of quality.”

shopping frauds
shopping frauds

Rose Gal

More than 3.000 reviewers have given this site a one-star rating out of five. The complaints don’t accuse identity fraud, but they do allude to some things to be conscious of.

“It’s been a month since I’ve heard from this website since ordering. Nothing has shown up and the tracking info they gave me is incorrect. This website is a scam and I warn you to not order from here.”

“Horrible services to me this is a fraud I order online on 8/27/16. I paid the oreder costs to have my item, It is now the 9/10/16 and I still have not received my order. I received an e-mail saying that my order was shipped and the tracking shows no found, I also tried to do live chat and is a lie that thing don’t work I called them no answer or the magic whatever is not working so forget it DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.”

Oh boy.

online scams
Courtesy of Advisory HQ

Dress Lily

DressLily.com advertises tons of great sales that would entice anyone doing their online holiday shopping. Before you get too excited about saving $10 on your order, check out these reviews from previous customers.

“I ordered the Fall Maple Tree Shower Curtain. It took over three weeks before it arrived. The good news, it’s a very pretty curtain, the bad news it doesn’t have any holes so I can’t hang it up. I have contacted them four times with the order # and a picture with no satisfaction. In the last contact with them, they said: ‘Could you please check your product again? All of the curtains will have holes to hang them up and it will have couple.’ I told them. I understand the curtain should have holes to hang it up, mine DOES NOT HAVE HOLES. It is a very nice curtain and if it did have holes I wouldn’t be writing to you.”

Here’s one that talks about withheld refunds. Yikes.

“I ordered a bunch of stuff a bit ago, some dresses, pants, and a couple shirts. Only bout half of it came and they refused to refund me for what never showed up! The things I did receive were cheap, had strings hanging and were way too small! I used the sizing charts but they were still too small! They are quite rude in their responses as well.”

online shopping scams
Courtesy of Becky Dress

Becky Dress 

Becky Dress is an online shopping store for wedding apparel, featuring affordable options for bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, and more. Sounds like a great options but consider these customer reviews first:

“I ordered a 60 pound dress that looked beautiful on the site but when I opened it I was fuming!!!! The dress was nothing like the picture the material was horrendous for such an expensive dress, so I sent it back and tracked my order they received it within 2 days and didn’t respond when I did get hold of them they denied receiving the dress and told me I could have a credit note as soon as! Also they would not speak on the phone only be email which they would respond within 48 hours! I finally received my refund after 2 months. I advise no one so buy from this scum website.”

“Ladies I am one of the many victims of beckydress.com. These special occasion websites are popping up all over the internet don’t be a victim. Ladies go a store where you can touch, feel and try on a dress or gown instead of falling for a pretty picture of a dress that is on the internet. Let’s get back to the basic by walking into a department store and finding the prefect dress. Ordering dresses from CHINA I will never ever do it again! I am stuck with a dress that I do not like and cannot fit. Lesson Learned Do Your Research on companies when purchasing any and everything online. If you are a Victim of any of these alias dress companies from CHINA. LETS SHUT THEM DOWN. I am a Victim of beckydress.com.”

To end on a positive note, many online shopping sites are totally safe and respect their customers. Website like Amazon, J Crew, Macy’s, and many others have fantastic holiday deals and tons of positive feedback. Just make sure to do your research and you’ll enjoy a happy and risk-free holiday shopping season!


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