Off-White Energy Drinks

Off-White Creates Energizing Juice Drinks with Wild & the Moon for Paris Fashion Week

As incredible as Fashion Week shows are, hopping from show to show can be a truly draining activity. The celebrities, editors, influencers, bloggers, and VIP guests at these events have been known to pack protein bars and energy drinks in their chic and trendy purses for a midday pick-me-up – which is why it’s perfect that Off-White has collaborated on some energizing treats of its own. The best part is? They’re on-the-go drinks that actually fit in with your healthy lifestyle.

The popular streetwear brand’s designer Virgil Abloh has teamed up with Paris’ popular health food restaurant Wild & the Moon to create two Off-White energy drinks in timing with Paris Fashion Week. The nutritious and invigorating cold-pressed juices in this collaboration are called Blue Magic and Better Than Botox.

Off-White Energy Drinks

Better Than Botox is a skin-pampering non-pasteurized fruit juice blend that combines apples, cucumbers, Swiss chard, pomegranates, aloe vera, mint leaves, and more calming ingredients to leave your complexion looking its best. This is particularly helpful for fashionistas traveling to Fashion Week events across the world who refuse to let jet lag win – or let it show in their Front Row selfies.

Off-White Energy Drinks

On the other hand, Blue Magic is a free radical-fighting bright blue drink created with herbs and vitamins like thyme flower concentrate and its namesake blue majik – a type of blue spirulina which is rich in healthy ingredients like protein, iron and betacarotene.

Each of these limited edition drinks are created with 100% organic ingredients, making them your perfect go-to snack during one of the most hectic times of the year!

Both Off-White energy drinks will be available at Bon Marché from February 24 to March 31, through this Paris Fashion Week season.

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