The Best Street Style Accessories from NYFW

Street style accessories need to be fun and fashionable. Fashionable accessories cost money and few, if any of them, are necessary. It’s the designers’ job to lure us in and inspire us to invest in the latest accessory trends. This February, NYFW fashion designers are doing just that. Some of the best knick-knacks on this month’s runways have been street style accessories. New York Fashion Week always kills it with streetwear, but sometimes the outfits are the triumph. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, the first half of 2017 looks like it may end up full of new fashion statements that are elevated by some amazing street style accessories. Which pieces are making us speak so boldly? Have a look for yourself.

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There’s something futuristic, almost cartoonish about this see-through, disc-shaped hat. It seems to belong on the head of a petite badass. It can transform any black outfit into something bold and a little sultry. With a little black dress, it makes you look sophisticated. With jeans and a blazer, you’ll be the naughtiest fashionista around.

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We’ve never seen nude earrings quite like this before. They’re a mixture of familiar styles that land somewhere between a hearing aid and sculpture-inspired fashion. You can trust New York Fashion Week to parade at least a few fashionable accessories that look like they belong in the MoMA. This model’s dark eyeliner and pronounced mohawk lend the earrings a subtle historical feel, Egyptian or ancient Aztec. Perhaps their most seductive quality is their mystery. Despite what we speculate, the earrings remain ambiguous.

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Pop Art and street style have always had a special relationship. This little accessory is just continuing that partnership. It’s far shinier than the average Coca-Cola can, but it’s still playful and relevant. We’d love it if 2017 became a year of Coca-Cola pocketbooks and Campbell’s soup bucket bags. After all this 90s renaissance nonsense, we could use a return to powerful 60s fashion. First, we must convince the fashion industry we’ll wear stylish 60s retro fashion trends. Help us do that. Wear stuff like this.

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Clearly, the most powerful thing in this picture is the loud pink. Apparently, 2017 is the year to wear neon colors to the office. This model’s fun but subtle purse is the trend you should be paying attention to, though. We’ve told you before that bucket bags are stylish. This one has extra decorative features to keep it from blending with the others. Frills emerged toward the end of 2016 on blouses and pants legs, and this year they’re working their way onto fashionable accessories. If you want a super-trendy bag that you can keep carrying once the frill obsession has died down, here it is.

street style accessories
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Some people prefer to carry bags with faces of their own. This bag is covered in a geometric design with eyes and a mischievous smile. It’s not the perfect design. We don’t really understand why there’s a black pom-pom stuck between the poor thing’s nose, unless it is his nose. The bag’s symmetrical design and striped black-and-white tail still make worth a look. Just wait a bit before you go buy pet bags like they’re the next big thing.

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It’s nearly impossible to gather the heritage behind every style of shoe into a single design, but this pair comes pretty close. These stylish kicks have the colors, the mix of materials, the blend of casual and formal, and varying textures down. It’s a shoe you could wear for almost any occasion. With the right color palette, they could even work for a wedding. Sneakers are becoming the new dress shoe, but they haven’t quite replaced formal footwear just yet. With thick plastic soles and Oxford lacing, it’s hard to think of an occasion where you couldn’t pull off these shoes.

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Colorful outdoor wear is back. The colors may be recycled from the 80s and 90s, but the products are fresh and warm. This scarf is more like a parka or blanket you can drape across your shoulders. It’s one of the softest things we found at New York Fashion Week. Its size may make you think it will be an inconvenience as you’re walking about, but it isn’t as cumbersome as it looks. Give big, parka-like scarves a try before spring gets here. You’ll be surprised how cool they make you look.

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Here it is, folks. That staple of 2016 political fashion that we’re seeing everywhere these days. This one doesn’t have the two pointy cat ears, but the furry material and contemporary ‘girls’ embroidered on the front are clear fashion descendants from the pussy hat. What will p**sy fashion morph into when spring weather hits? We’ll have to wait and see.

NYFW is a treat. You see so many items whiz by every day, it’s hard to pick the absolute best of fashion week. We’ve done our best with street style accessories. Now, go lock down some of these accessory trends before they disappear. Fashion trends end so fast these days, you may only have until next week.



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