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11 Nude Makeup Looks You Can Actually Believe In

Color went on a rampage in the beauty world this summer. You probably saw it with your own rainbow-caked eyes. Bright yellow lips, baby blue blush, neon pink eyeliner, and most notorious of all, glitter-sprinkled hair. It was a practically a wasteland of vibrant hues all calling to be recognized amid the chaos and anyone who visited or aspired to visit Coachella was hopping on the sparkly bandwagon. Fast forward a few months and color crazy isn’t nearly as chic as it was at the tip of summer. Beauty has tamed its energetic spirit and gurus all over the web are exchanging their neon palettes for simpler natural looks made up of subtle shades of nude. Have you tired of the eccentricity of rainbow-centric makeup? Exercise your calmer side and invest in a look that showcases the beauty look Mother Nature entrusted you with at birth.

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What’s the infallible key to a natural looking nude look? A light finishing spray. The dewy finish will preserve your subtle paint job with impeccable honesty.

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If you can’t get enough of the festive looks from last spring, use a hint of leftover gleam around your eyes. Paired with a natural shade lip gloss, the look will be unbeatable.

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Don’t waste the 90s favorite shade for girls on a graphic tee or butterfly clips. Sharpen your lips with a bubble gum shade to keep your nude look from feeling monotone.

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Nude makeup doesn’t have to be completely void of brilliant colors. Boost your lip color so it explodes against the rest of your naked face. If you want to be kissable, those lips must be unmissable.

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Big voluminous lips are a beauty favorite for the fall. Amp up your pucker’s healthy appearance with a subtle highlighting pencil and dab of nude gloss.

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Not a fan of popping colors and slight gleams? If mere touches of product aren’t for you, settle in for the beauty world’s version of less is more. The simpler, the better.

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If you’re in a hurry and have no time to do your eyes, don’t fret. Dark nude lipstick will come to your rescue. One coat later you’ll look polished as a princess.

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Smokey eyes are far more versatile than you think. If natural makeup is your go to this season, use brown and taupe to fashion your classic Hollywood look.

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Redheads need to dial up their natural look a little more than normal. To keep your nude makeup in tune with colorful hair, add a touch of gold around the eyes.

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You can still accentuate those cheekbones and contour your face while using nude products. The key is to make everything gentler, not get rid of artificial tones altogether.

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It’s still a test of your confidence with all the layers peeled away, but going without makeup has never been this popular. One touch of concealer and you’re golden. Simple and sweet.

There are many ways for you to rock a nude makeup look. Add an artificial highlight here, strip away more product there. It’s all comes down to your own passion and creativity. Will you design a nude style that has the beauty world clamoring for more? It’s possible. Dive in now and let’s see what happens.


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