Polish Your Beauty Routine With New Nail Technology

The blend of beauty and technology is designed to make trending simpler. Makeup and nail polish trends change weekly. To adequately keep up with the times, you should be adjusting your nail polish color at least twice a month. Wouldn’t it make life easier if you had a tool to help you browse the latest trends? Luckily, nail design tools are here to help. Using the latest in virtual technology, these systems will let you test hundreds of nail designs neatly and efficiently. You can view each look from multiple angles and test color combinations, nail gel designs, and even extensions. Here are the top nail polish trends of 2017 and how new nail technology will help you find the best product for you.

metallic nail polish
Image by Banggood


Precious metal manicures play off last year’s platinum makeup and metallic sneakers. They make your nails look elegant and aloof. If you’ve never tried a shimmering polish before, test it out and see how you like it. With new nail technology, you can view the gleam of any metallic product in virtual space. Move your avatar’s hand around a little to see if like how the polish shimmers. Most nail tools will also let you compare darker metallic polishes with lighter ones. You can change the color on each individual nail and compare different colors side by side.

black nail polish
Image by Scarves-outlet


Colors like black work best within a nail design. Since black is a neutral, use it to outline pastels or as a base for bolder shades. Each nail polish brand makes their black shade a little differently, so you have many options to choose from. With new nail technology, you can compare every brand up close and pick your favorite variation on ebony. If you prefer patterns to solid colors, experiment by incorporating black into dozens of multi-colored nail designs. With dozens of blacks to browse through, a nail tool is the perfect way to uncover which exact color will fit you best.

new nail technology
Image by Ytimg


In 2017, the most popular multi-color nail designs are vivid and geometric . They blend the Pop Art of artists like Andy Warhol with digital computer graphics of the 21st-century. These unique patterns, while fun to look at, can be a nightmare to explain to a nail technician. Rather than talking yourself blue, use a nail design tool to show your dream design. You can experiment with hundreds of nail polish colors and geometrical patterns to make a trendy nail design of your own. When you have a look you like, save it to your phone or email it to your manicurist. This way, artists can see your design rather than trying to decipher it from your clumsy descriptions!

nude nails
Image by Blogspot


Flesh-toned nail polish is like foundation. It’s hard to pick the right shade. There are dozens of options geared toward a very specific skin tone. Using new nail technology, you can test a vast selection of nude nail polishes online to find one that complements your skin. Many tools let you adjust a virtual hand to your personal skin pigment so you can compare nail products accurately. With a tool like this, you can leisurely browse nail polish colors from the comfort of your home. Once you find the perfect shade, write it down or print off an image to take to the nail salon or a local drugstore. Developers know making precise, time-consuming decisions in public is no fun. New nail technology makes it so you don’t have to.

Selecting your next new nail look should be fun and easy. New nail technology can make that dream a reality. Before the end of this year, you’ll be doing the whole nail polish selection and testing process curled up on your couch.


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