New Burberry Logo

Burberry Unveils a New Logo and Brand Monogram

Riccardo Tisci has already started shaking things up, since taking over as new Creative Director of Burberry earlier this year. From previewing a bold take on the label’s classics to announcing an upcoming collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, industry eyes have been glued to the creator’s every move. But in a surprising new twist, the designer has just unveiled a brand new Burberry logo and monogram that are already making a huge impact.

New Burberry Logo

First up, Burberry unveiled a sleek and frill-free logo design that will be featured across the company, effective immediately. If you head on over to the brand’s website this August, you will see the latest imagery reflected everywhere.

New Burberry Monogram

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The #ThomasBurberryMonogram August 2018

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Then, the label unveiled the eye-catching, red-orange Thomas Burberry monogram, which is named after and inspired by the designer fashion house’s 1896 founder. For the graphic, repetitive white letter Bs are interwoven with a lattice of geometrical bars.

To get the new Burberry logo created, Ricardo Tisci worked with English art director and graphic designer Peter Saville.

“Peter is one of our generation’s greatest design geniuses. I’m so happy to have collaborated together to reimagine the new visual language for the house,” Tisci shared on Instagram.

The label shared a series of Instagram posts that show off the back-and-forth email chain that ensued between the two creators, and it looks like it was a lovely – and ambitiously quick! – collaboration.

The conversation revealed that the new monogram was inspired an archival 1908 logo mixed with a Thomas Burberry logo. So even though this graphic will be taking the brand in its new future-thinking direction, it’s inspired by the heritage designer label’s rich history.

Of course, all new things take some getting used to. But this collaboration is pretty genius, if we do say so ourselves!

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