Do You Need to Change Your Beauty Products for Different Seasons?

Beauty products are always more complicated than they seem. You get your skincare routine down and then you have to tack on a makeup routine. Once your makeup routine is established, you have to start perfecting specialty looks. Looks involve hair and nails, turning your makeup process into a full-on beauty routine. Then, on top of all of that, your basic routine needs to change four times a year. That’s right. Seasonal beauty products exist for a reason. With each season of the year, the atmosphere changes. The earth’s color palette shifts slightly and it’s your job to adapt to it. Since you have your hands full with your beauty routine, makeup routine, and specialty looks, we’ve narrowed the list of things you need to do for each season into four easily digestible sections. Before you find yourself attending spring functions with a winter face, check out these seasonal beauty tips.

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Let’s start with some skincare tips for your winter face. Your winter makeup routine must incorporate moisturizer. Cold weather dries up your skin unusually fast. If you exfoliate like you do in summer during the winter months, you’ll be scraping off far more than one layer. Focus more on hydration. When you do exfoliate, use skincare products with a fruity, acidic base. These items will remove your top layer of skin while sealing in moisture in the layers below. Also, don’t forget to rub on a healthy glob of sunscreen. The glare from the snow is just as harmful to your skin as excessive sunlight.

Winter makeup is less precise. The accepted guidelines recommend richer, deeper colors for your eyes and lips. Stick to dark crimsons and reddish-browns like wine, chestnut, and brick red. If you want to mix in a little variety, go for a dark violet. When it comes to eye makeup, winter is the time to try out smoky eyes or icy slate grey shadow. Go big for the holidays and pull back to a milder, everyday look once the new year arrives.

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Spring skincare is a breeze. It’s all about paring down what you already know and adapting it to the twists and turns of the weather. If a slew of cold days is in the forecast, stick to your winter makeup routine. When the sun comes out and it feels like summer, experiment with different exfoliation products. Stick to fruity acid scrubs to keep your skin hydrated. You can cut down on your sunscreen use in spring, but don’t leave it out entirely. The sun can still be harmful in the spring.

Spring makeup is all about pastels and soft earth-tones. Swap your dark winter shades for peachy-pink blush and grey-nude smoky eye shadow. Your eyeliner should stay the same, bold and black, but blend it in more. Your lips should pop gently. Try out different combinations like pink lips and berry blush. Arrange the dark and light shades so that they fade into each other for a unified look. In winter, your colors should explode. In spring, they should blossom like a baby flower.

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When your face is covered in sweat, you’ll be exfoliating far more than normal. Find a gentle scrub your skin can stand every day without needing the intense hydration routine you used during the winter. If you combine your two longest skincare routines into one process, you’ll hate yourself. Sunscreen is another product to keep handy in the summer. Since you don’t have to plan ahead to spend a day in the summer sun, find a small bottle to keep in your purse for spontaneous day trips. Better safe than sorry!

If you’re smart, your summer makeup can work double duty as beauty product and sunscreen. Many foundations designed specifically for sun exposure contain broad spectrum UVA/UVB materials to decrease the chance of skin cancer. Summer is also the perfect time for bronzers and unusual highlights. Try some peachy orange or golden yellow around your eyes. Blended with a soft berry shade on your lips, these colors will transform your face into a bright canvas of defined colors. Summer looks should be free! If there’s a playful shade you’ve been wanting to try all year, vacation season is the time to try it out.

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Skincare in the fall is winter skincare with a little more exfoliation. On those occasional warm days in October, switch into summer mode. Fall is the easiest season when it comes to sunscreen. You barely need it. The combination of cloud cover and cooler weather will be protection enough.

Fall makeup is all about depth and warm colors. Blend the bronzer-heavy shading you used for summer with snappy red-brown lips and bold black eyes. If you want a little more color around the eyes, use burgundy eye shadow or copper eyeliner to add extra warmth. An earth tone palette is the best guide for your fall look. You’ll complement the falling leaves and dying grass around you without looking dull or sickly yourself.

Seasonal beauty products aren’t merely a money-grabbing scheme. Each season actually has a distinct look and you will benefit if you vary your beauty routine slightly every three or four months. Don’t let the changes stress you out. Just read this article and you’ll be good to go. That, ladies, is the wonder of Richard Magazine.


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