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Up Your Jewelry Game With Necklace Trends

It’s easy to get wrapped up in tweaking your wardrobe and forget all about updating your jewelry drawer. Accessories go through trends too, you know. Every few years people shift between gems and diamonds, gold and silver, floral decorations or block letters. Some of these fads cost a lot to update every year or two, so stick to less pricey items when you’re revamping those sparkly add-ons. Necklaces are the perfect item to start with. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles so you’re sure to find a few that fit into your budget. Necklace trends also hold surprising cultural weight. Just look at the choker, that unmistakable piece of 90s fashion. 2017’s necklace trends probably won’t go down in history like the choker, but they’ll give anything you wear an extra trendy boost. Give one or two a try this summer.

necklace trends
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Wearing your name or initials around your neck has been a thing for years, but in 2017 there’s a new wave of people embracing the idea. These stars favor custom-made designs with individual letters dangling between small, subtle beads. It’s a far cry from the engraved nameplate or dog tag phenomenon. In many ways, the lettered necklace is more personal. Rather than wearing the same piece etched with a different name, you’re wearing a necklace that highlights the unique shape of your name. Along with all that, this necklace can be a great conversation starter.

necklace trends
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Earlier this year, 2016’s bucket bag fad expanded into a full-fledged trend. These utility-inspired handbags came in many styles, but the most distinct designs aggressively embraced metallic texture and industrial chain-link. It seems this love of the heavy chains and mixed metals has spread from handbags to necklace trends. Blame it on functional fashion or resilient 80s vintage, but hardcore punk is back with renewed vigor. You could practically combine your jewelry shopping spree with a home improvement trip to Home Depot. You shouldn’t but you could.

necklace trends
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You probably see floral earrings and flowery bracelets all the time, but petal-inspired jewelry hasn’t been popular for a while. These lengthy necklaces strung with petal-shaped silver “beads” are practically like a second layer of clothing. Make sure you chose a thin design if you’re going to be draping the long look two or three times. A petal necklace may be beautiful, but it can quickly become one of the heaviest necklace trends you’ve ever tried. If petals are too much for you, pick a long necklace strung with beads or pearls instead. The true point of this trend is wearing something long.

necklace trends
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If you aren’t careful, this thick variation on the choker will look like an extremely decorative neck brace. It’s chunky and stretches solidly from your collarbone to the bottom of your chin.  That’s if you get one of the leather ones. Since firmer fabrics end up looking very stiff, you’re probably better off with a colorful cloth version à la a super wide scrunchy for your neck. This is definitely a look meant for the edgier crowd. At least someone’s trying to repurpose the choker.

necklace trends
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Necklace trends can start anywhere. This one began as a little, oversized cat pendant dangling from a model’s neck at February’s New York Fashion Week. Now, it has the potential to be jewelry trend of 2017. These designs lean away from the minimalism embodied by chain-link chic and the choker. It gives you the opportunity to turn any miniature figure you own into a fashion piece. Stop stringing figurines to your keychain. Wear them loud and proud around your neck!

Image by Thehunt


This trend is exactly what you think it is. Rainbows and glitter have found their way into the jewelry world. Despite their gaudy reputation, the elements seem to have calmed down when it comes to jewelry. Necklace trends tend to be a bit calmer than most other items in the fashion industry. Focus your search for a unicorn necklace on multi-colored jewels or sparkly beads. It’s nice to finally have a rainbow trend that isn’t obsessed with excess.

Don’t let your wardrobe keep you from using the latest necklace trends. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift or treating yourself, spend those ten extra minutes at the jewelry counter. It’s worth the time to get that neck dressed up.


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