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Nature-Inspired Beauty Will Light Up Your Summer

Summer is a great time for nature-inspired beauty. Mother Nature’s decking herself out in Pantone greenery and rainbow blossoms. Fashionistas the world over are shedding wintry black coats for lightweight spring dresses covered in florals. It’s the time of year everyone lets loose to embrace the vivid color palette of a blooming garden. This year, designers in the beauty industry are taking these nature-inspired trends to a whole new level. Rather than simple floral designs painted around your eyes or on your nails, the nature-inspired beauty trends of 2017 focus on transforming your face, hair, and nails into an imitation garden. Your face won’t be bare, but covered with sculpted leaves and detailed decorative petals. Basically, the beauty industry is bringing the garden to you. Apply any of these products and you’ll be the sexy Mother Nature lookalike getting all the second glances. 


2016 endured some pretty crazy eye makeup trends. Remember those unicorn rainbow eyes and the unfortunate penis-shaped eyeliner trend? Luckily, neither are back for round two this summer. Instead, something much more intense is taking their place. If you want to go wild with your eye makeup this summer, you’ll want to hop on the terrarium eye bandwagon. This look pulls out all the stops. The finest designs feature glitter, decorative mascara, real mini-flowers, and just about any typical eye makeup you want to tie the whole look together. You can safely assume it’s not for the faint of heart. If going full-on terrarium freaks you out, try incorporating some of the finer details of this look into a less dramatic beauty look. White-tipped lashes have a summery feel with or without extra glitter and glitz.


There is nothing practical about these nature-inspired nails. They’re cumbersome and ornate. If you’re heading out for a weekend of festival fun or a day at the zoo, stick with some simple 2D florals. Save these beautiful little garden clumps for formal occasions where you’ll have everything served to you and need a good conversation starter. Basically, weddings and formal dinners. Succulent nails aren’t bad if you wear them wisely. If fairy fashion is your thing, the pastel color palette and smooth texture make a perfect accessory for any floral summer dress. Simply pick the design you want and apply that base your fingernail. This nature-inspired beauty look is extra special because it’s made of actual succulent plants. When the base starts to chip, just take these live plants and replant them in a new design.


We don’t usually associate tattoos with watercolors or watercolors with detailed design, but this nature-inspired beauty trend features both. Adapting traditional tattooing techniques to make them more colorful and expressionistic, a group of artists has come up with a style that is feathery but precise. A few of these designs popped up here and there in the early fall of 2016, and now they’re a hot item in the beauty world. This is one of the more practical nature-inspired beauty trends to emerge this year. It’s a great way to add a personal spark of color to your distinct personal look. Simply sit for a new tattoo and let the artwork do the talking.


If you love succulent foliage but can’t find a place that elaborate nail design would fit into your life, here’s a solution. Join the colorful hair-dyeing trend sweeping fashion and beauty with some pastel purple, green, and pink. It will look like succulents and you’ll be a part of the biggest hairstyle trend of 2017 without giving in to glitter roots or unicorn rainbow dye. Essentially, this is the best of both worlds. It’s your nature-inspired beauty fix with a hipster chic edge. 

These nature-inspired beauty trends run the gamut from casual to complex, but they all have one thing in common. Each tries to capture the magic of summer in one treatment. That’s a pretty worthy goal, don’t you think?


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