Best Instagram Posts From National Handbag Day

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Ladies and gentlemen, this week was National Handbag Day! Time to get out those badass bags you’ve been hiding and wear them loudly and proudly for all to see. If you got it, flaunt it! Chic and traditional? Show us your style! Got something really odd you don’t know what to do with? Wear it with pride! Need more convincing? Let’s have a look at my favorite Instagram purse posts from National Handbag Day. These folks sure know how to celebrate the handbag.

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Hell yeah! True gothic in all its glory. Hamlet, anyone?

It’s like a knapsack made from an accordion of stripes. Classy and I love it.

This, because it’s adorable. Just make sure the poor puppy can breathe.

Why one cute purse when you can have two cute purses?

Going wild for #NationalHandbagDay #SaksStyle // Link in bio.

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Imagine showing off this purse/stuffed animal to your friends!

I’m not sure about this one, but there you go. Child safety hazard.

Something always happens at a football game. Be prepared.

There’s dog in a bag, and then there’s the bag dog.

If you’ve had enough of dogs, how about a collage of kitty cats?

Handbags can be rad, and like, totally bitchin’. Like, dude, a Rubik’s cube purse? Yasss.

{ 091016 } : Bringing home the Kelly 1000. 😜 #kellydoscope #hermes #nationalhandbagday #kelly #hermeslover #hermesorangebox

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Because who doesn’t want a purse that makes them feel like Stuart Little?

Homer Simpson must feel so incredibly betrayed that this exists.

Or you could stay at home and lounge in the bathtub covered with purses…

Sometimes you just need a good ole hefty Americana handbag.

Kiss the sexy black leather. Shine it up and take it out on the town. Date night!

And with that…

Bye bye handbag lovers. Until next year’s National Handbag Day…


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