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Nail Trends To Try Before The Summer’s Over

We haven’t touched on nail polish trends for a while and in the current beauty world, that means a lot. With new looks coming and going every week, a hiatus of a month or two can leave a gaping hole in one’s style prowess. That’s why we’re coming back to nails now with a breakdown of the best spring and summer looks we’ve seen so far. These looks feature a wide variety of styles from futuristic platinum to decorative floral art. There are colorful designs for getaways to the beach and somber shades for formal galas. Of course, when it comes down to the wire 2017’s nail polish trends follow the same philosophy as contemporary fashion and the larger customization trend. It’s all about wearing something you can feel beautiful and proud about. Pick your favorite finger art from this list and start rocking some trendy nail art today.

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This futuristic tint has been a popular nail shade since it first crept onto the scene late last year. Originally a seasonal fad critics predicted would pass over in a flash, it’s not only held on into the summer but thrived under the relentless sun. Though it will work with just about any ensemble, the best use of metallic is over neutral lacquer or as a textured, bejeweled tip. If you love wintry nails and want to keep wearing white and gray through the summer, this is the way to do it.

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Vintage trends like this one are all about turning formerly cultic styles into mainstream fashion. Inspired by the revolutionary punks and rebel Goths of the 80s and 90s, nail polish companies have started to sell high-shine ebony as a haute couture polish. Wear it with your late-night party attire to add trendy clout or draw on some vertical stripes for a sharply patterned look.

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Designers the world over are making good use of prints this season. With a plethora of dots, stripes, and other geometric patterns filling spring and summer boutiques, it’s no surprise the beauty industry is hopping aboard this colorful bandwagon. People have been referring to this trend as “color blocking” since it requires a bit of choreography to create. Lay down a base color that matches your outfit and let the shapes be your vibrant accent. Borders, half-formed lines, or polka-dots are all fair game when it comes to 2017 nail polish.

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French architecture in the 1920s was iconic as an era can get. It left such an indelible mark on design culture that we’re still using it today in far more forms than building structures. In the spirit of geometric shapes and vintage design, why not try your hand at a little Art Deco nail art this summer? Border your tips with jade or purple and paint a small isosceles triangle at your cuticle for semi-formal outings. You’ll look decked out in Gilded Age glam with just the right amount of contemporary edge.

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Nude lips, nails, and athleisure wear were stand-outs at NYFW in February. Now, the trend is shifting a bit toward more lady-like shades. The concept of peachy-tan nails is still very much alive, the artists are just leaning toward pink now rather than peach. Give your fingers the subtlest girly makeover imaginable and you’ll fit right in. This look really isn’t limited to a single type of occasion, but it’s especially nice for dinner parties and all-day outings.

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Tracing the edge of your cuticle is super cute and totally in style this year. Glitter lovers are calling this trend “nail jewelry,” but if you prefer a less dramatic manicure a gray outline or some combination of sorbet hues will get you dolled up and chic to a similar effect. If you can match your cuticle color to some accent shade in your outfit, that would be ideal.


Switching up your nail polish isn’t a hard thing to do. With just a little time and attention to detail, you can swap your spring aesthetic for a convincing summer look. Go and get your nail game on! The world is waiting to bask in your glam.


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