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The Nail Design Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

Switching to a new nail polish can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With a nail design tool, all those frustrating elements will be eliminated. You’ll have a system where you can view hundreds of nail designs in detail, save your favorite looks, and share them with your stylist and your friends. It’s the ultimate combination of virtual technology, social media, and the manicure industry. Beauty technology companies are working hard to combine beauty and technology in a way that makes your life simpler. Here are the ways these new manicure visualizer will make your nail polish woes disappear.

Image by Grayson


The nail designs of 2017 imitate graphic art. People are covering their nails in geometric shapes and Pop Art-inspired diagonal stripes. A virtual design tool will help you test out these trendy patterns in detail without committing to one. Imagine a menu with hundreds of multi-colored nail designs to choose from ranging from minimalistic stripes to Escher-esque triangular mosaics. Click on whichever pattern you want to try and drag it onto one of the rendered nails. You’ll then be able to use 360˚ technology to check out each look from multiple angles.

This function allows you to see what each design will look like moving in space as opposed to a static photograph. Since patterns can be difficult to explain, a tool will also take a screenshot of whichever design you choose. That way, your manicurist can use it as a guide when they paint your nails. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Why talk yourself blue describing an abstract design if you have the ability to show it?

nail art
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Saving your nail art to show to a manicurist is just the tip of the social iceberg. A  nail design tool will let you trade dozens of nail designs with your friends at the tap of a screen. Instead of thoroughly painting your nails and fishing for post-process opinions from your online fans, you can use photo-realistic renders to post ideas before you try them. A virtual nail design tool will also make it simple for you to post new looks on social media forums and in text messages. The nail polish industry needs to be as talkative and interactive as the rest of the beauty world. By the end of 2017, you’ll be able to share new nail art from wherever you are via smartphone.

photo-realistic designs
Image by Paintbox


Seeing is everything when it comes to nail polish. There’s only so much you can learn from a 2D photograph. If you’re serious about wearing the best colors and patterns available, you need to be able to check all sides of any potential style. New nails technology is designed to give you the subtle information you need to pick the right nail color for any occasion. Every product in a nail design tool can be an accurate representation of a brand-specific colors and textures.

When you click on each individual nail, the detailed textures show up as you rotate the hand. This level of scrutiny will be a first for the nail polish industry. Whether you’re shopping for a new product or researching patterns to show to your manicurist, the realistic quality of new design tools will give you confidence in your choice. No more wasteful manicures at the salon turning out less desirable than you hoped.

virtual nail design tool
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Testing dozens of sample polishes is a tedious task. You need to do it if you want a detailed understanding of how the polish will look in real time. With a virtual nail design tool, you can gather all this information without the hassle of nail remover. Click through hundreds of accurate nail polish products and examine each one closely with photo-realistic 360˚ technology. When you discover a product or pattern you really like, download the image as a JPEG file for future reference. Using a tool instead of bottles upon bottles of nail polish remover is also cost-effective. If you only commit to nail designs you’re certain of, you won’t be wasting money on products you won’t use or extra remover. When it comes to keeping clean in your pursuit of nail polish prowess, you’ll finally have a nail fail-safe to fall back on.

Nail design tool
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A virtual nail design tool will give you the ability to test out hundreds of high-quality company products from the comfort of your living room. The tool allows dozens of labels from across the globe to bring photo-realistic products to nail polish gurus everywhere. Thanks to 360˚ technology, you don’t need to travel to see what these nail polishes look like on the move. You can try out any color, gel design, or nail pattern in realistic 3D so you can be fully confident you’re purchasing a product you like.

By eliminating the uncertainty of online shopping, the nail industry is aiming to make your life as a consumer more efficient. If you go to the drugstore or nail salon, go with a detailed knowledge of exactly what you want. For those who prefer to shop from home, a nail design tool finally gives you the information you need to shop online with certainty.

Virtual technology will transform your nail polish experience. With the help of a design tool, you’ll be tidier, smarter, and more efficient. When manicure visualizers debut later this year, you won’t want to miss it.


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