Motivational Gym Clothes: How Fashion Affects Fitness

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What you wear impacts how you move, so naturally you should be aware of how fashion affects fitness and optimize your workouts with some motivational gym clothes. Workout clothing and exercise motivation are very closely related. If your trendy workout clothes hold you back from pursuing time at the gym, it doesn’t really matter whether they look stylish or not. When did athleisure become about looks instead of functionality? Take a look back through your workout wardrobe and ask whether your fitness fashion helps or hinders your exercise schedule. How do you know if the outfits are working? You could simply ask yourself if dressing up for the gym makes you excited or weak with dread. If that seems too subjective, peruse these motivational gym clothes. 

workout clothing
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The mesh panels of this pullover combine excellent ventilation with a comfortable fit. The neon drawstrings add a pop of color too. Engaging for the eye and relaxing for the body.

motivational gym clothes
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Sneakers are so much more than casual shoes. If your feet feel comfortable in workout footwear, you’ll be far more motivated to go for a run. Something flexible like these Zappos should do the trick.

gym clothes
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If you’re on the lookout for sexy fitness fashion, find some comfy leggings. Kick your gym motivation in gear with gym clothes that slim your figure without cutting off circulation or making it hard to move. 

trendy workout clothes
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There’s nothing worse than trendy workout clothes that constrict your chest. You’re going to be laboriously breathing if your workout is worth anything. Help your exercise motivation with this flexibly structured Lululemon bra.

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If it’s too hot for a pullover but you don’t want to run around in a bra, mesh is a staple of fitness fashion these days. Slip on a shirt for a summer run or wintry gym workout. This particular design even has the words “INSPIRE” across the front!

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These running socks need to be in your workout wardrobe. They stay nice and dry during intense workouts and have a tab at the heel designed to prevent blisters from forming. Exercise motivation 101. 

motivational gym clothes
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Trendy workout clothes are often clingy to create a slimming effect. This Lululemon hoodie hangs sturdy but loose at your shoulders. Zip it up when it’s cold and open up if you feel warm.

how fashion affects fitness
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Though made from synthetic fibers, these shorts are designed with ventilation holes so your body can breathe easy. The vibrant colors and flexible material make these gyms clothes flexible fitness fashion to show off your body in at the gym.

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The flame of gym motivation is best fanned with a joke. When you can imagine the relaxation in store for you post-workout, motivation suddenly isn’t so hard. When trendy workout clothes can also inspire you, you’ve killed two birds with one stone.

motivational gym clothing
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This Lululemon long sleeve workout piece has a lot going for it. Ventilation holes down the back and chest, thumbholes to keep the sleeves in place, and Silverescent technology to keep bacteria at bay.

Gym clothes you can be comfy and healthy in are rare. When your motivational gym clothes can spark your workout, it means more energy for exercise! Scoop these picks up to energize your workout sessions year-round.


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