Most Googled Brands 2017

These Are the Most Googled Fashion and Beauty Brands of 2017

As we near the end of the year, we are naturally looking back at all the decisions made, moments spent, and adventures had in the last 12 months. Now, we’re taking a close look at the style choices we were part of, too! Google has released its official annual “Year In Search” reports, which includes the Top 10 Most Googled Brands of 2017.

Below, we’re sharing the fashion labels, designers, and beauty brands the world couldn’t get enough of in 2017.

Most Googled Brands of 2017: Fashion

1. Gucci

Gucci’s creative designs, eye-catching color choices, and devotion to opulence have kept the brand highly-regarded this year. But many of the brand’s 2017 headlines have added to its #1 Google interest spot. Recently, the brand debuted its home decor collection, made an industry-changing decision to go fur-free, and made big strides in terms of model diversity. Gucci’s designs were also closely associated with influential celebrities like Harry Styles and Jared Leto, which only added to public interest.

2. Supreme

Supreme’s January 2017 collaboration with Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest searches of the year. It’s no surprise, considering the huge amount of popularity both labels have separately.

3. Louis Vuitton

Of course, Louis Vuitton’s influence comes right after Supreme’s after their buzzworthy collaboration of 2017. But more of LV’s popular moments of the year include the line’s Jeff Koons drop and extensive campaigning with Jaden Smith.

4. Fashion Nova

Considered to be a surprise contender on this Google list, Fashion Nova is the non-luxury brand (aside from rising label Supreme) which found its way into the Top 10. The affordable global e-retailer is nearing 10 million followers on Instagram, so clearly their shopping strategy is on point!

5. Chanel

Chanel’s 2017 partnership with Pharrell Williams is credited with bringing even more interest to the iconic designer brand over the past few months. Not only was the artist the first man to appear in a handbag campaign for the brand, but he recently debuted his first-ever sneaker design for Chanel’s Colette capsule.

6. Yves Saint Laurent

With ultra-chic campaigns highlighting stars like Zoë Kravitz, Kate Moss, and more, fans have been captivated by the way Saint Laurent mixes classic YSL and future-forward design.

7. Christian Dior

Dior caught major attention in 2017 for its “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirt. But the brand’s new look under Maria Grazia Chiuri kept shoppers interested and fascinated all year long.

8. Dolce & Gabbana

Ever since the late 2016 launch of #DGMillenials, Dolce & Gabbana has been connected to a new social media savvy audience. Campaigns with influencers and celebrities like Zendaya, Cameron Dallas, Austin Mahone, and more surely added to the label’s searchability.

9. Valentino

Valentino does street style just as gorgeously as the brand does red carpet looks, making the label a favorite of a wide range of fashionistas.

10. Moschino

This brand is always keeping us on our toes with clever, humorous, and creatively-inspired collections. No wonder the whole world is Googling to see what Jeremy Scott is up to!

Most Googled Brands of 2017: Beauty

1. Ulta Beauty

Ulta is your one-stop shop for all things beauty. This year, the retailer gained extra attention for being the exclusive carrier of Gigi Hadid’s buzzworthy makeup collaboration with Maybelline.

2. BH Cosmetics

Can luxury beauty products be affordable, trendy, and cruelty-free. Of course they can! BH constantly proves it, and has  recently amassed an impressive 2 million Instagram following with shoppers who love their cosmetics.

3. LipSense

You may have seen LipSense taking over your social media this year. This lip product captivated beauty gurus with its unique, long-lasting formula that doesn’t smear or budge.

4. Charlotte Tilbury

This beauty brand hasn’t won 80+ awards for nothing! Charlotte Tilbury has quickly become a go-to destination for luxury lipsticks, elegant skincare, and crave-worthy holiday gifts.

5. Milk Makeup

The recently-launched Milk Makeup line just keeps taking the world by storm with new product launches. The brand’s eye-catching holo stick has (rightfully!) earned it a 2017 full of Google shopping searches!

6. Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit’s Brow Bar and cosmetics range are reliable favorites, but this year the brand went all out with their beauty influencer tie-ins! Tons of our favorite YouTubers and style stars made these perfectly-packaged products some of our hottest wish list requests of the year.

7. Wet n Wild

This popular drugstore brand’s ever-expanding makeup line – and its important shift towards campaign diversity – is really paying off.

8. Fenty Beauty

Rihanna only just debuted her Fenty Beauty collection in 2017, and has already sent shockwaves through the entire beauty industry. We can’t wait to see how she takes over in 2018.

9. Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan’s makeup empire just keeps growing, and so does public interest in her Huda Beauty brand. The Richard Magazine team can’t get enough of the brand’s liquid lipstick or eyeshadow palettes.

10. Finishing Touch Flawless

At-home hair removal caught big attention in 2017. This affordable Finishing Touch Beauty peach fuzz eraser rounded out the Top 10 beauty searches of the year.

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