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Martin Thornburg Shares the Inspiration Behind His Premiere Mon Cheri Bridals Collection – Exclusive

Richard Magazine met with designer Martin Thornburg to hear all about his premiere collection with Mon Cheri Bridals, which was displayed at The Knot Couture Show during New York Bridal Fashion Week.

For his showing, Martin Thornburg took the Mon Cheri collection and gave it a whole new look. “Everything is fresh and young. Very lightweight and easygoing dresses. There’s so many facets to so many brides, so we wanted to encompass all of them in this one collection. The imagery takes you from the beach, to the mountains of Utah, to grand ballrooms to cover all of those looks that would look great in every spot.”

Thornburg leaned towards the bohemian style for Spring 2018. “One of our popular, boho type looks has very light embroidery, very soft illusion tool on it and you can see the Swarovski crystals. Very sexy, feminine and comfortable.”

As for the finale dress, “This is our ball gown look and it’s not a typical ball gown where you have all those layers underneath. Again, this is soft, very comfortable and form fitted through the bodice with a soft, multilayered skirt.” His updated ball gown look is to die for. Martin commented, “It’s that princess-y look, but more updated. Brides don’t like the crinoline, all that poof underneath – so I’m doing the ball gown silhouette, but a much softer look to it.”

Martin Thornburg prefers other fabrics over silk this season. He said, “Silk is difficult to manage the quality of it and of course, very expensive and who isn’t on a budget these days? Instead we try to give that look of couture, but at a very modest price.” He definitely was not afraid to experiment with colors other than the classic bridal white. “Mon Cheri has always been known for color. What I’ve been doing is keeping it soft with these hints of color or these hues of gold, blush and vanilla. They really bring out the beauty of the dress.” We couldn’t agree more.

What’s next for Mon Cheri Bridals? “I’m actually really excited about the next collection,” Thornburg said. “We’re going more into this whole soft look. A little bit more boho for that type of bride – and a few surprises.” There’s nothing we love more than surprises.

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