Miss Piggy’s Fashion Line with Kate Spade

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If Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and Rihanna all have clothing lines, why not have a Miss Piggy fashion line, too. Enter: Kate Spade to save the day.

Is there a more deserving chanteuse? For decades, the queen of The Muppets has flaunted her fabulous fashion in front of the biggest celebrities of the last 50 years. Every feather boa is perfect; each fur coat is carefully chosen to hide some vivid decorative dress. Who else turns up their nose and expectantly cries, “Who, Moi?” to Julie Andrews and Kermit the Frog indiscriminately? Miss Piggy has been applauded for everything from her wardrobe to her diva status.

Now, Kate Spade is taking all those fashion blog compliments and couture fashion line ideas seriously. This December, Miss Piggy will be fronting the brand’s holiday ad campaign and getting her own holiday collection. When it rains, it pours. Thanks to Piggy, Disney, and Kate Spade, in the next few months you will literally be able to wear “Miss Piggy.”

miss piggy's fashion line
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Miss Piggy knows her fashion and knows it well. So, obviously, she had to start from the ground up. Fashionable glitter pumps are the foundation of the Miss Piggy x Kate Spade line. They’re cute and look super easy to walk in, which is good for the holiday parties when the eggnog is flowing.

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What would a Miss Piggy holiday collection be without vanity pieces? You know the iconic Muppet wouldn’t let Kate Spade use her name without plastering her face on a few items. A sparkling pink cell phone case with a Warhol-esque leather rendering of her face fits the bill. The real question is, do you want it in your purse?

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Miss Piggy fans, your dreams have finally come true. The iconic polka dot fur coat your beloved diva has been running around in for years is finally available for you to wear! It’s done up like a true boutique fur from a couture fashion line. Who knew you’d feel so warm and sophisticated in Muppet clothes?

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It’s her signature necklace. Like all fashion greats, Miss Piggy knows when she needs to pare it down while staying classy. The bejeweled face aside, you could pull this necklace off at a black-tie affair. What a place that would be for some “Who, Moi?”

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For those of you who really can’t stand minimal glitz, here’s a pocketbook that looks worth almost as much as it can hold. Covered in tiny pink jewels with a nice big “Who, Moi?” embedded on the front, no one will doubt your riches when you pull this out of your purse. The only trouble is, they may expect you to cover dinner…

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This is my favorite piece in the Miss Piggy fashion line. It’s so cool it almost transcends the tongue-in-cheek aesthetic infused in the rest of the holiday collection. Indigo, magenta, lavender, and emerald sequins are sewn to a black mesh frame and accented with occasional clumps of gold. It has a distinctly Disney vibe, perhaps because the colors and structure of the dress are very similar to designs in the Frozen film.

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Do purses get more playful than this? The Muppets all love magic tricks, so it is fitting for a couture fashion line designed by one of their own to pay homage to one of magic’s most iconic tricks. The design feels more October than December, but it still works. After all, A Christmas Carol is full of top hats.

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Sometimes, you want to feel like a queen in your own home. When Sunday rolls around and you’re lying in bed wishing for breakfast, throw on this vivid pink piece for motivation and some sassy fulfillment. You may be frying eggs, but that’s no reason not be cute and comfy.

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It’s hard to know exactly when these would be appropriate, but I bet you can find an excuse to wear bitchy Kate Spade earrings. Whether you need a conversation starter for your night out or a less-than-subtle statement piece for your birthday party, Miss Piggy can help. As long as she’s not in the room, the spotlight can be all yours.

Now you know the ins and outs of Miss Piggy’s new holiday collection. Get your sass on and invest in something a little gaudy this winter. At last, you can be “moi.”


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