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Mimi Tran Dishes On Her First Bridal Collection at NYBFW – Exclusive

We paid a visit to the lovely Mimi Tran at New York Bridal Fashion Week to take a look at her very first bridal collection.

“As you guys know I’ve been designing evening wear for four years now, and we were planning to launch the bridal last year,” she explained. “But there was just too much going on, [with the company] so we decided to launch it this year.”

Mimi Tran shared her thoughts on her first bridal collection: “To me, I love bridal. I guess because I love to work with laces and I’m very good with that, so I think in terms of bridal fabrics, there is so much to do. The only thing is they’re all white, but other than that you can still do so much with them” She is definitely a fan of color and is not used to using white primarily. Putting that aside for a moment, Mimi was able to rise up to the challenge and ended up creating some beautiful gowns this season.

There was one gown that she pointed out to us that had 3D pastel pink and baby blue flowers – it is so uniquely beautiful. Sequin flowers are Mimi’s signature when it comes to evening wear, so it was a no-brainer for her to incorporate this element into her first bridal collection as well.

What’s next for Mimi? “Next year our [runway] show is going be on a luxury cruise ship and it’s going to be in Hong Kong on the top deck,” she said. “It’s on February 6th. Only the top five couture designers in the world will showcase and I’m very happy they chose us.” We couldn’t be more thrilled for her!

View the Mimi Tran 2018 Bridal Collection in the gallery below.


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