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Make A Splash With Aqua-Awesome Mermaid Beauty

Unicorn makeup ruled the fringes of trendy beauty this spring. Brought on by rainbow enthusiasts and loads of Coachella glitter, the trend exploded last month with variations stretching beyond fashion and beauty to include food, music, and more. As we approach the middle of May, the unicorn crazy is beginning to die down and an equally fantastical trend is taking its place. When you attend a summer music festival or head to the beach this year, do yourself up to look like a mermaid. That’s right. Beauty has swapped out flying horses with horns for mythical sea-faring folk. This trend doesn’t mean you need to go hopping around in a one-legged flipper wearing nothing but a seashell bra. Instead, start finding ways to use turquoise on your face and work blue into your look wherever you can. Here are a few guidelines to wearing mermaid beauty this summer.

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Applying a unicorn look often seemed to be all about sparkles. After Coachella, it was hard to know if the defining quality of a unicorn look were rainbow colors or tons of glittering sequins. When you’re working with mermaid beauty, the answer is simple. Everything you do should evoke the ocean. Start with the shimmering surface. Instead of moisturizing your body like normal, grab some shimmer scrub and use it to give your skin a soft and healthy glow. There are both subtle and insane options to choose from out there, so it’s up to you to decide how wild you want your mermaid beauty to go. Settle for some simple moisturizer or go full-on shine with an iridescent scrub.

mermaid beauty
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Eye makeup can play a big part in how sultry a mermaid beauty look will be. It’s tempting to think of these sea women as innocent fairies, but don’t get too wrapped up in that idea. If you want to give your eyes a splash of the dangerous, dark teal eyeliner is the perfect tool. For a better cabaret mermaid look, find some greenish blue eyeshadow and fashion yourself an aquatic-themed smoky eye. You’ll have the sailors entranced from first glance.

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You can mix green and blue on your eyes, but when it comes to spreading mermaid beauty on your lips stick to pure blue. It’s a Katy Perry classic. Though you could go full-on with some deep, rich cerulean or dark navy, the color that will leave you looking most natural is pale blue. It won’t overpower your eye makeup and will make those lips look soft and scrumptious if you’re out hunting at a singles bar. Keep the color of a perfect, cloudless sky in your mind as you shop. Blue lips aren’t easy to pull off but when you do they’re sexy as hell.

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Here’s the product glitter-obsessed gurus use to slip sparkles into their mermaid beauty tutorials. Nail polish isn’t essential to your ocean-inspired beauty get-up but it’s a nice touch that will tie those teal eyes and blue lips together. If you want to add some sculpting, find some sea foam acrylics and stick near your cuticles. Might as well have a miniature model of the tide rolling in on your nails if you can, right?

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This is a sneaky little entry that’s more about ocean-themed skincare than actual mermaid beauty. If you’re embracing the sea this summer, incorporate some natural seaweed into your skincare routine. Oils from plants like sea kelp are very hydrating. After a long day swimming in the salty surf and tanning on the beach, kelp-infused body oil is the perfect reprise. You’ll find yourself using mermaid skincare long after the warm weather is past.

Mermaid beauty isn’t complicated. It only takes a few simple tweaks to your normal makeup routine. Give your beach look a fun twist this summer and you can truly be part of that world.



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