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7 Can’t-Miss Men’s Fall Fashion Trends

Perhaps we are still in the dog days of summer according to the calendar, but in the fashion world, August is as good as autumn. Fall shows have long since come and gone, ready-to-wear runways wrapped up months ago, and everyone’s been campaigning their best cold weather clothes since June. It’s true. If you can remember, we even started recommending what to stock your fall wardrobe with while the sun was still turning out 90-degree weather. Well, those days are over now and the autumnal breezes are finally setting in. It’s time you set those tank tops and cuffed shorts aside for leather jackets and, get this, sexy casual cardigans. 2017 will be a mellow fall for menswear, but there are still trends you’d be wise to follow. Here’s what to wear to the office and on the town this season.

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Last year, the winter coat of choice was a puffa jacket. A thick descendant of the quilted overcoat, it kept you warm with a fair share of extra heft. In 2017, you can have the warmth without arctic-level padding. Invest in a quilted top layer with decorative stitching worth of a British country aristocrat. Whether it’s a simple moto jacket, bomber, or blazer, the extra dose of finesse will do you proud.

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It’s not an easy task to keep cozy and warm while trying to maintain a sense of fashion. When you enter presentation into the mix, suddenly it makes sense to sacrifice comfort and fuzziness for thin, chilly layers. Don’t fall into this trap with your coat this season. Whether you prefer to strut about like a luxurious Russian general or fighter pilot Tom Cruise, a shearling collar will contain your body heat while exuding hyper-sexualized masculinity.

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Ugly sweaters are not just for family gatherings anymore. We told you this back in February, but just in case your forgot or thought the trend would fade away here’s a friendly reminder. This applies to almost any sweater you can think of. Grandma’s gaudy homemade knit job is fair game, but so is an Atari-inspired jumper from H&M. Basically, your fall wardrobe should feature graphics and patterns galore in the sweater department. Leave shame at the door and just be yourself.

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Tapered trousers and skinny jeans are far from out of style, but come fall mixing a few wider cut pants into your rotation will do some good. Looser tailoring isn’t just a fluke. Thanks to casual fashion like athleisure and the return of 2000s trends, slouchy is in. If you need a break from tight waists and clingy fabric, slip into an unstructured look for the day. You’ll be amazed how sexy you can feel while feeling comfortable.

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On the runway, women were the champions when it came to statement t-shirts. They just know how to wear sarcasm so it works. However, graphic tees are very much in vogue right now so starting your own collection of ironic tops wouldn’t be a bad idea. Pick a few naughty options and perhaps a cute one like this for a nice selection to choose from.

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Yes. They’re back. As determined as you were to deny 80s nostalgia this questionable trend, the higher-ups have decreed that turtlenecks sweaters are back in style. Surprisingly, they are primarily here to elevate your wardrobe when the weather gets cold. Treat them like base layer to cover with a leather jacket or blazer for the best ensemble. It’s true thick necks look awkward on their own, but paired with a fashionable second layer turtlenecks don’t seem half-bad.

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You can’t be serious. Tropical silk shirts à la 2005 are returning for the fall season? It’s incredible but true. Adventurous Caribbean designs so light the sleeve always pick up a breeze will serve you well leading into the winter months. Even if you’re not vacationing in the tropics, one of these campy tops with jeans will probably get you a few numbers at the bar.

There are your facts to remember for the upcoming fall season. Between loose trousers to turtlenecks, it’s going to be an interesting and entertaining few months for your wardrobe.  As always, embrace your favorites and leave the rest alone. After all, the chief commandment of 2017 fashion is to express yourself no matter what.



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