Memorial Day weekend getaways

Explore These Fresh Memorial Day Weekend Getaways

You know the classic Memorial Day weekend getaways. Leave early Friday afternoon and you can be on your way to a sunny beach in Bermuda or towering resort of Catalina Island. It’s like your summer initiation, the first unveiling of that amazing body your promised yourself on New Year’s Eve. For your 2017 escape, enjoy the summer sun but don’t limit your fun to traditional beaches and tropical climates. There are plenty of magical getaways inland, tucked away in colorful valleys or atop soaring mountain ranges. They offer a chance to explore natural and cultural hubs that don’t prescribe the noisy partying and neon-lit nightlife of crowded vacation spots. It’s time to leave the popular haunts behind and strike out on an adventure you can call your own. You can see a lot of new things in three days. Make this Memorial Day worth your while.

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When most people riffle through possible Memorial Day weekend getaways in the West, they think of Hollywood and the beaches of California. This upcoming holiday, spend your time going somewhere new and different. How about a rustic but luxurious haven in the Utah desert? You’ll have sun-drenched cliffs to visit, Navajo Sandstone to admire, and a pool edged by tranquil gardens to return to. It might not be the beach, but you can bet this trip will be every bit as beautiful.

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Founded in 1925, this Wisconsin camp is a unique tourist attraction that combines rustic living with vacation ease. Take your pick of a vintage cabin, bunkhouse, or tent furnished with only the bare essentials. Once you’ve settled in, the spacious woods and sky blue lake are yours for the taking. There’s a private beach, fishing pier, boating house, hiking trail, and even tennis courts. You need to love nature of this adventure, but don’t worry if you’re a newbie at the camping thing. Camp Wandawega’s combination of resort luxury and backwoods brevity are the perfect introduction.

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Fruit-laden orchards and rolling vineyards will be all you see for miles if you pick this dream of Memorial Day weekend getaways. Le Roux is a bed and breakfast tucked away in the heart of Colorado’s North Fork Valley. With a home-away-from-home feel and wine-tastings rivaling the best in California, this secluded spot should be one of the top options on your list. Take your lover to the hot tub for a romantic evening under the stars or spend a day biking the trails and exploring local towns.

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Who puts Idaho on a list of Memorial Day weekend getaways? Richard Magazine does and we’re proud of it! This contemporary mountain retreat offers the epitome of breath-taking luxury from the deluxe suites to the spectacular Bitterroot Mountains. Spend your days hiking in the foothills and seeing local sites, then return to the hotel for a quiet nightcap in the dim-lit O’Rourke’s Lounge. If you want a pretty place to recharge, this is it. There’s really nothing quite like an endless Idahoan blue sky in summer.

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You want a Californiacation? Fine. Spend your three free days in California, but do it in style. Stay at this timeless 125-year-old boutique hotel overlooking the bay on the outskirts of San Francisco. Built in 1885 as a Victorian estate, each room has an ethereal ambiance and a panoramic view of the city and surrounding countryside. You’ll have access to a private spa and steam room, a swimming pool, porter assistance, and 24-hour room service. This is the ultimate way to experience California, so you’d better not miss out!

Leave the sunny old Memorial Day weekend getaways this year and find somewhere fresh to take in. It could be the woods, the mountains, or historic San Francisco. Just make sure it’s original. You deserve an amazing three days of freedom.



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