Mean Girls Fashion Breakdown in Celebration of the Musical

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It was a teaser at first. The official Mean Girls Facebook page trumpeted the news for a few short minutes and then disappeared. The announcement on Twitter remained. Was it a prank? We’ve heard rumors for years that a creative team was starting to compose songs for a musical based on the film. Was something finally happening? In a few hours, the news had been confirmed. Something fetch really is actually happening. This week, the wonderful Tina Fey told us Mean Girls: The Musical would premiere in Washington D.C. in 2017. The girls are back in town! To keep up with all this 90s renaissance, Richard Magazine took a close look at Mean Girls fashion and compiled a list to help you look totally kewl this fall.

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Pink is so much more than a Wednesday color. The girls may have assigned colors to specific days, but pink was an element of almost every one of their outfits. From pink headbands to pink pumps, these girls taught a generation you could get away with girly colors and still be powerful. Heathers may have taught us what it meant to be a mythic bitch, but it was Mean Girls that showed us how to dress the part.

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As a Plastic, you had to get creative with you skirts. (Plastic code stated jeans and sweatpants were only acceptable wear on Fridays. Casual Friday much?) What do you do when you have to wear miniskirts six times a week? Explore, or course! Experiment with different patterns and pleats. If you are brave, or your name is Gretchen Wieners, you flaunt a bare midriff. According to the Plastics, preppy can be classy. I don’t recommend miniskirts every day, but trying a unique design every once and a while certainly can’t hurt.

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Do you think Argyll is only for grandpas and English lads? Think again. Argyll gave early 00s teenagers a sophisticated, retro look. A slight crop will transform you from uptight schoolgirl to a vintage, sexy professional. The diamond pattern is ideal for a fall color palette. If you’re looking for a lively fall addition to your wardrobe, follow Gretchen and embrace a golfer-esque top.

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Carrie Bradshaw tried to make the name pendant cool, but Regina George showed us an initial is just as effective. Brevity is important, isn’t it? So is a signature look. With one letter, the Plastics were easily identifiable and able to show off their wealth around their neck. Letters are unique but blend easily with most outfits. Do you want to be distinct without going all gaudy? Get an initial.

Mean Girls Fashion
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We owe a lot to Mean Girls when it comes to fashion. Most of their signature looks can be toned down and worn every day without taking on the appearance of a high school girl. T-shirts with sassy slogans, on the other hand, can’t really be toned down. I put them on this list because they are irresistible. Everyone deserves a carefree day out now and then. Wear a tee with a snappy slogan and to express your inner sassiness. What better way to tell the world you don’t give a damn?

You’re ready now. By the time Mean Girls: The Musical debuts, you’ll be a Plastics pro.


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