Mariah Carey’s Super Sexy MAC Cosmetics Collection

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Are you excited for Mariah Carey’s latest collaboration with MAC Cosmetics? If you love glitter, you definitely should be. Following up on her widely-successful MAC lipstick from last year – the “All I Want” collection – the newly-crowned chanteuse is getting a full iconic collection this year. Fittingly, it’s decked out in glitter, butterflies, and extra glamorous holiday cheer. Carey and the MAC team have been working on this line most of the year. Glitz and sparkle aside, the 23-product line spans the spectrum from nude lips and bronzy shadows to feather faux lashes and other makeup tools. Mariah’s really getting her hands dirty and Richard Magazine loves it. Mariah fans and glitter lovers, here is what to look out for in beauty departments this holiday season.

Mariah Carey lipgloss
Courtesy of MAC


Are you prepared for shimmering lipgloss with names like “It’s Just Like Honey” and “Dreamlover?” Come December 15, you can buy Mariah Carey lipgloss for only $19. The products are designed to work directly on bare lips and over pigmented hues and all have catchy ‘song title’ names. Rarely do you see lipgloss this glossy.

Mariah Carey Lipstick
Courtesy of MAC


Done full-out with a little, carved butterfly on each stick, the Mariah lipstick line has one of the most beautiful exteriors ever designed by MAC. The actual product is compelling, boasting a wide variety of nudes and magentas tones for every occasion. Carey doesn’t wear red often, so you won’t find the classic scarlet shade in this collection. If you’re set on some red lips, no need to despair. It’s in practically every other collection in the world.

Mariah Carey MAC
Courtesy of MAC

Eyeshadow Palettes

Four distinct colors make up this handy little palette. The product is probably the least sparkly in the Mariah collection. Glittery eyeshadow would be too much for an everyday look. If you’re paying $41 for a palette, you want colors you can wear on a daily basis.

Courtesy of MAC
Courtesy of MAC

False Lashes

Mariah makes a bold move again by not including mascara in her collection. Instead, there are faux lashes to play with. The lashes come in thick and thin styles with a beautifully gradual curve toward the tip. There’s nothing exceptional here, but if you want some Mariah on your lids, why not?

Mariah Carey blush
Courtesy of MAC


Rich pink and peach are the highlights of Mariah blush. The color is modeled after a classic MAC Cosmetics pink shade and tweaked with some new techniques to make it bolder. At $24, it’s not the cheapest blush you can find. I actually recommend skipping this one. There’s not enough inventiveness to make it worth your buck.

Mariah Carey skinfinish
Courtesy of MAC

Skinfinish, Buffer Brush, and Eye Shader

These products have been catered very specifically to Mariah Carey, herself. The glamorous babe likes a natural skin look with a sheer edge and minimal shimmer. These brushes and skinfinish blend a bit of gold powder with natural tones for a certified Mariah shine. The skinfinish is also sculpted to look like Mariah’s face. It is her collection, after all.

Mariah Carey MAC
Courtesy of MAC

Body Glitter

This is where the shimmer and shine really come into play. Want some glittery glitz around your collarbone? This festive powder will hold the rest of your look in place while giving your complexion a sparkly boost. This is perfect for the big stage or simply a dinner out. On a well-lit dance floor, you will literally be twinkling.

I’m grateful for the festive spirit of Mariah Carey. It doesn’t mean I’ll be running around in sparkly powder and nude lipgloss the entire holiday season, but the right occasion may find me decked out in Mariah glitter. When that time comes, will you take the plunge with me?

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