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8 Reason To Try Marble Nail Polish This Weekend

Nail polish fans in 2017 are obsessed with stone-inspired nail polish. The trend started in March when a few Instagram beauty gurus started posting pictures of their stone-covered nails. That’s right. These beauticians were sticking colorful pebbles on their nails with lacquer and expecting us to follow suit. Some did, but most people just admired the look on social media and moved on. Because it failed to grip beauty lovers because of its cumbersome characteristics, stony nail art gradually faded from the spotlight and wasn’t revived until now. This time, it’s much more manageable and likely to catch on as a legitimate nail trend for the late summer and early fall. What did the stars of Instagram change about their original design? Instead of using actual stones, this new nail polish trend is all about recreating the pattern of marble stone on your design-hungry nails.


It seems to be the color of summer this year, so it makes sense to give this new nail technique a try in blue first. One of the simpler versions of this trend, start with a solid blue surface and then slightly remove different sections with acetone to create the faded marble effect.


More complex than using pure blue paint, this look melds unicorn pink, purple, and blue into a gently swirling collage of stony beauty. Though they may appear complex, the gold accents are the easiest part to apply. Just paint jagged lines over your manicured pastel design.


Nude nail polish is very vogue these days, so naturally, beauty gurus have found a way to work the pinkish shade into a stone-inspired look. This elaborate example even features some 3D stones lacquered to the cuticles. If you don’t mind a raised design or two on your nail, go bold and try on some texture this summer.


Decorating all ten of your fingers with a marble design can be fun, but if you really want to make stone nail polish pop, limit it to a few choice fingers. Alternating every other or picking one nail to feature the pattern will draw more attention to your trendy artistry and save time if you’re running late.

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People named this look the “oil spill” because of the technique. Rather than using acetone to bring out the fade in this pattern, you can create these wide white lines by mixing oil into a water-based nail polish mixture. Get a manicurist to show you how the first time around, but by your third attempt you should be getting good results from home.

Green marble nails inspired by @nailsbymei! 💚

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There’s something about the varied shades of green and jagged cracks of white that make this look stand out from the rest. It’s clearly the work of a master. If you’ve got time and money to spare, spend a few hours at the salon before a fancy dinner. People will notice if your nails look this good.


You can make your marble pattern subtle if you want. Most stone nail polish aficionados are all about painting in various levels of fade, but sometimes a flighty white line or two is all it takes to transform a normal nail look into something more decorative. Never forget the power of simplicity.

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Sparkly swirls are a fun way to give your marbling job a playful touch. If all that Coachella glitter is still on your mind, apply the concept mildly with this trendy pattern. In a way, you’re paying homage to all of 2017’s Instagram nail trends all at once.

Marble nails are mercifully manageable in comparison with March’s bulky trend. If you’re into nail art, you’ve got to give them a try. Go wow the beauty community with your art, beauty gurus! It’s time to get your marble on.


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