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I still shudder when I think about those couple days I accidentally left my makeup bag at home and was forced to go through the day without a single touch up. Talk about willpower, But seriously, makeup bags are arsenals of essential tools you need to have on hand to transform, perfect or elevate your look on the go. So, what do you absolutely need in this little bag of wonders?

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Most girls agree that they can never be without their lip products. Open up their makeup bag and you’ll find about a dozen chapsticks, balms, lipsticks and glosses. Even if you don’t carry a lot of makeup with you, don’t lie, I know you have lippies in your makeup bag. But lipstick alone is not enough. I know for me it definitely isn’t!


On the other hand, you have the girls who tote around a makeup artist’s tool box of foundation, contour colors, highlighter, eye shadow palettes, etc…go a little too far. It’s awesome to have so many makeup goodies but let’s try streamlining and deciding what you really need in your makeup bag.

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For skin, I advise every girl to have a compact powder and concealer. I like to have my powder with me because it comes with a handy mirror. I can touch up my skin with a little powder if my skin becomes oily or if i want to add some more coverage throughout the day. Of course, the big daddy to combat oil is a pack of blotting sheets. The Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets are so inexpensive and work really well.

It’s also great to have concealer. If some rubs off during the course of your day, you can always add more under your eyes to freshen up or to cover blemishes. Personally, I think you can never go wrong with having makeup on hand for flawless, poreless skin. Perfect skin is where it’s at! (Or at least looking like it ha!)

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For eyes, no need to take a huge eye shadow palette. I recommend taking one eye liner, maybe the one you’re wearing that day for touchups. Also, having eye liner allows you to easily and quickly take your look up a notch and from day to night with a bit of smudgy, smokiness on your eye lids. If you must carry eye shadow, our choice would be the perfectly, compact and portable Urban Decay Naked Basics. It has great, neutral basic eye shadow shades you can use to create a natural or lightly, defined crease looks. And don’t forget mascara! A dab of mascara transforms any face and makes every makeup look a million times better. I prefer a water-resistant drug store version like Maybelline Crump Clusher Extensions. It lengthens and thickens my lashes in one easy swipe, but still looks natural and clump-free.

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Many people say they can’t go anywhere without their brows on and you should as well! Brows are important because they frame the face and anchor your makeup look, creating balance. All you need is an eye brow pencil to lightly fill in your brows. Or use your Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and take one of the eye shadows instead of a pencil to add thickness and definition to your brows. While you’re at it, don’t forget eyebrow gel to keep those hairs in place all day.

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Finally, we come back to lips. It goes without saying, every girl should have every shade possible on hand for endless lippie possibilities. Nah, just kidding! I advise you to consider the season. As it’s fall now, try taking a nude lip liner to fill in your whole lips and add a berry lip gloss on top. It will leave you with moisturized, trendy lips. And okay, okay, you can take millions of balms and chapsticks too.

There you have it. Richard Magazine’s 10 essential products you should have in your makeup bag!



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