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This Luxury Beauty AI Will Text You Awesome Makeup Advice

AI technology made a name for itself in the fashion industry this spring when Watson, IBM’s data-crunching trend predictor, announced his fashion predictions. Basing his analysis on the work of 26 top designers in the industry, Watson compared and analyzed hundreds of outfits to come up with prevalent trends for Spring 2017. As the season has progressed, Watson’s accuracy and skill are becoming more apparent. So, in the spirit of new technology and fresh minds, the beauty industry is joining the AI bandwagon. Luxury beauty AI. isn’t centered around trends the way Watson is. Instead, this new technology caters to customer customization. It provides consumers with an interactive resource, a computerized beauty assistant. If you want a Siri-like voice to help you with all your hair and makeup needs, you’re in luck. Your companion is finally here.

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In the current fashion and beauty industries, there is no stronger partnership than customization and technology. Though technology may have started the custom market trend rolling, at this point both fields are growing alongside each other. A gain for one is a gain for the other, so it’s no surprise the tech world’s revolutionary inventions like Siri and the Echo are translating over to the beauty industry. With personalized care as a prevailing fad, who won’t want a smooth-voiced friend talking them through their beauty lifestyle? However, the most innovative thing about luxury beauty AI isn’t communication skills, makeup tips, or exclusive tutorials. Rather than advertising a single line of products like a customer service bot, this new assistant adapts its advice to you. It’s customizable fashion to the next level.

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New luxury beauty AI is an expert at communicating with clients with all levels of expertise. Since the smooth speaking voice is only available in prototypes, the typical virtual assistant communicates primarily via text message. If you balk at the idea of an A. I. companion who constantly sends you spam, don’t worry. The technology is specially programmed to base its responses on replies. If you aren’t in a chit-chatting mood, the AI will sense it and leave you alone. However, if you are looking for extensive beauty advice and an assistant to help set up consultations and personalized shopping experiences the assistance will be constant. Always a playful app, luxury beauty AI also has the intelligence to dot all its text messages with fun emojis and personalized tidbits so you always feel immersed and well cared for.

Luxury beauty AI
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Luxury beauty AI is transforming how makeup retailers use technology to advertise their products. Much like beauty education’s turn toward Skype lessons and webinar courses, chatboxes will help beauty stores showcase their services and the style consultants with text blasts and live-streaming sessions. Stores can also offer advice to new clients who are shopping from home, proving themselves useful even as the retail apocalypse keeps growing.

The original luxury beauty AI app is closely linked to physical stores. You can ask it to show you the nearest store supplying your favorite brands and it will give you Google Maps directions. Soon, retailers plan to use this maps idea to promote their physical stores as well as products. The only downside to this marketing slant is that your smartphone inbox may end up with lots of promotional offers if you’re not careful. Keep this text message revolution separate from your luxury beauty AI to maintain a private, spam-free existence. 

An AI assistant will expand your beauty knowledge beyond your wildest dreams. You have to register to use the software, but a little sign-up never hurt anyone. Besides, if it were public you’d be opening yourself up to texts from every beauty store near you. That wouldn’t be very efficient, now would it?


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