Check Out All The Celebrities Who Are Using LPG Therapy

We’ve been going wild with our praise of Endermologie’s innovative new Lipomassage treatment over the past week. You probably noticed our extensive history of founder Louis-Paul Guitay and the various checklists we’ve provided to show you how beneficial this revolutionary therapy can be. In fact, we may have shot ourselves in the foot applauding it so much. You, as a consumer, have reason to be suspicious of any new process out there that claims it can reduce cellulite and tighten your sagging skin. Hundreds of products make these claims and charge discouraging amounts of money for people to give them a try and see if the claims are correct. That’s why we’re not going to ask you to trust in Lipomassage therapy based on our words alone. A slew of rich, famous celebrities tried LPG and you can tell by looking at them that it worked wonders.

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Famous for her grace and good looks, Jolie uses Lipomassage to this day to take care of those stubborn patches of cellulite. We can only speculate this is one of the many reasons Brad chose her over Jennifer Aniston way back when. The two may be split up now, but with her Endermologie-honed body, Jolie will have no trouble back in the dating scene.

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You can’t attribute this suave actor’s Southern drawl to a Lipomassage machine, but you can thank LPG for his sleek, muscular bod. McConaughey is one of the men breaking that age-old myth that Lipo treatments are just for the ladies. It’s a man’s game now too, boys. If the gym isn’t taking care of those lingering chunks of fat, let a trained therapist give you a rub.

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Few stars can boast the tight skin and sculpted body of J-Lo. While she does her best to maintain a healthy diet and exercise on and off the road, even a pop goddess isn’t perfect. That’s why Lipomassage exists, to help ease your pain and fix that persistent fat. If J-Lo needs a machine to help keep her in shape, you definitely do. That’s the final verdict and it’s indisputable.

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She’s petite, toned, and virtual wrinkle-less in her late thirties. Obviously, there’s a secret behind all that Hollywood perfection we’ve come to know and love. Cruz has been an LPG patient for many years now. She has her own machine in the house and grabs a fat-reducing session several times a week. Take a lesson from her persistence. If you want to look like a star, you’ve got to put in some star effort!

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From The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to America’s Next Top Model, Banks has been in the public eye. When you’re making a name for yourself in television, quick fixes for one too many bagels and late night cocktails are super important. Where does Tyra go for all her cellulite and stiff tissue needs? That’s right! She grabs a Lipomassage treatment. This star may not be able to claim a machine of her own like Cruz, but she’s still a faithful user. Just check out her shows to see the results.

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If you think Queen Bey is one of Richard Magazine’s favorite celebs of all time, you’re right. We love her spot-on maternity fashion, those gorgeous awards show outfits, and of course, that unmatchable voice. If you ever wondered how this star kept her figure so tight even during and after pregnancy, Endermologie and LPG therapy are the answer. Maybe they’ll help you with your baby weight too.

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Another manly man who is trumpeting praise for Endermologie’s massage therapy, Stallone uses these treatments as they were originally intended, to treat scar tissue. When you’ve been filming fight scenes for 30 odd years, all those training sessions and mistakes can add up to some pretty ugly stiffness. If you’re suffering from stiff tissue or painful scars, Lipomassage will help to alleviate the soreness and heal your body faster.

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Britney has made a shopping list of mistakes since that disastrous performance that nearly destroyed her career in the mid-90s, but Lipomassage therapy wasn’t one of them. This might be one of the best choices she made in her life. Thanks in part to LPF treatment, this controversial star is looking great and back on her feet again. If Endermologie can rejuvenate Britney Spears, it will definitely do wonders for you.

The stars have spoken. LPG treatments have changed their lives for the better. It’s time for you to get sexy back. Find a facility near you with Endermologie capabilities and sign up for an appointment today.


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