Louis Vuitton Bionic Earrings

Louis Vuitton Launches Bionic Earrings

Have you ever heard of something called “bionic earrings”? Because our jaws dropped to the literal floor when Louis Vuitton unveiled the brand’s latest crop of accessories. The luxury label is calling their brand new type of jewelry “a continuation of one’s own body,” as these robotic-inspired jewelry pieces are made to look like they are part of your actual ear.

Straight from the designer label’s Spring/Summer 2018 runway show, “The Bionic offers a new way to wear earrings by delicately enveloping the ear-lobe,” Louis Vuitton shared on social media. And you only need one actual piercing to rock this ultra-metallic look.

“An edgy look inspired by piercings, these mismatched multi-ring earrings have an original design that envelopes the ear lobe,” the brand’s website explained. “Their rich details feature iconic Louis Vuitton elements, including trunk studs and the LV Circle signature.”

Think of them like ear cuffs – just way more futuristic.

Launched today, the brand currently sells two types of bionic earrings: one style with chains, and another with metallic rings. They are each crafted from brass, and feature palladium finishing. Both pairs are exclusively available through Louis Vuitton’s store, selling for $405 a pair. We can’t wait to see what further additions to this collection will be released soon.

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