Did You Know There Are 6 Different Styles of Long Sleeve T-Shirts?

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It’s Indian Summer out there and you need something to keep you warm without making you sweat. You could layer a short sleeve tee under a sweater under a jacket if you like complexity in your life. The other option is to learn how to rock long sleeve t-shirts. The t-shirt gets a bad rap because of its simplicity, but nice long sleeve t-shirts have plenty of fashion potential. You can wear it in casual and semi-formal situations. It’s appropriate for dates and pizza nights. Get to know these six varieties so you’ll know exactly which to choose.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts
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This is an appropriate way to show off the top of your hairy chest on a casual date. A collarless shirt with a button-up placket, the Henley is your sexy reveal. Unbuttoned buttons are seductive!

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You can mold your body a bit with this look. If you want your chest to recede or your arms to pop, work the color palette accordingly. The baseball-style sleeve has a contemporary feel with a vintage edge. Casual but cool.

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A long sleeve t-shirts with a pocket is can seem a bit superfluous. If your shirt fits well, almost anything you store in the pocket will look like an unappetizing growth.  Pockets on tees are for show. If you like the extra color, try it.

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Horizontal striped long sleeve tees give off a summer seaside vibe. It is also a shirt you can wear in semi-formal situations. Paired with nice slacks and a sportcoat, the right striped tee is acceptable wear at a low-key dinner party. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

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The other long sleeve t-shirts you’re allowed to wear at parties is a plain one. It’s the easiest way to walk in a room tidy without showing off. Avoid logos unless you’re lounging on your own couch. Groom, cologne, and this shirt can be the ticket to coffee date success.

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Sometimes, long sleeve t-shirts come with the added bonus of a hood. There are a limited amount of places you can wear something like this. It’s best for early morning jogs and short trips to the gym.

Keeping warm and cool at the same time isn’t as hard as it sounds. When you know the looks and have them waiting in your closet, dressing casual and sharp is pretty easy. Get out there and enjoy the final weeks of Indian Summer!


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