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Long Hair Is Back In Style This Summer

The world is so obsessed with short hairstyles these days, long hair looks often get relegated to the back burner. It’s a rather tragic trend when you think about it. There’s nothing wrong with sporting a pixie cut or proudly tossing your lob, but lengthy hair deserves its place in the grand scheme of hairstyle trends. To make sure the oldest and waviest style has its rightful time in the spotlight, we here at Richard have decided to share with you some of our favorite cascading hair looks. From tightly wound braids to straight waist-length tresses, these celebrity women have toughed it out in a short hair world to keep the legacy of long hair thriving. We applaud their stamina and hope more people will follow suit as the weather turns chilly. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll inspire you to be one of them.

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Tense plaits and looped earrings give a fashionably sparse look to the younger Hadid.

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If you like your hair free and wispy, then grow it out like Rihanna. This pop star has been working on her long hair for months and every inch still glistens.

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If you’ve got some volume to your locks, part those bangs and let your hair hang down in wavy clumps like Kate. It’s attractive and proper just like you’d expect from contemporary British royalty.

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Do your curls tend to get a bit chaotic in the back? Amal Clooney’s do too, but that doesn’t stop her from pulling off an amazing long hair look. Endure the comb and get those curls in order!

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One of our faces in long hair celebrity style, Dunn knows just how to fashion her wavy tresses. Give yourself a gentle part and you’ll well on your way to a Jourdan do. Find a glossy shampoo to top everything off and you’ll be set.

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Gaga’s hair has been known to transform overnight. We’re all for that versatility, but when it comes to long hair we prefer simple over complex. This long, gathered look rests easily over her shoulder for easy styling.

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Her tresses are far less detailed than her sister’s but Gigi still has an excellent long hair look. If super lengthy tresses aren’t your thing, copy this model’s simple over-the-shoulder style.

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For all you pixie cut girls out there who look down on the flowing hair crowd, here’s Demi Moore. This movie start was a short hair champion back in the 90s. Now, she’s traded in a small chic cut for raven black waves. Folks with black hair, take note!

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You never know when Kim is going to dye her hair blonde or cut away her thick, flowing locks. She does it often without much notice. Despite all the changes, never forget her iconic lopsided part. It’s one of the simplest hairstyles she ever tried and the most successful.

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Aldridge has a head covered in uneven waves of hair with beachy ombre ends. This makes her a nice contrast the straightforward tail of hair on Kim and Lady Gaga. If you want long hair for the beach this summer, take your cues from Lily.

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A deep side part and strawberry shade allow Delevingne to stand out. A noticeably more modern take on long hair looks, this French actress could become an active voice in company ad campaigns. Perhaps she’ll win a wider following with all her beautiful hair and other accomplishments.

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90s supermodels weren’t known for their long hair back in the day, but today Campbell is one of the most notable examples of a long hair work that works wonders. Still maintaining a slight coif up top, Naomi blends the 80s, 90s, and 21st-century into one elaborate look. It’s a feat you’d be wise to imitate for galas and formal parties.

Long hair looks are far from dead. They’re accepted, even sought after, but celebrities the world over. Finish your little affair with lobs and pixie cuts. Grow out those locks as the summer continues so you’ll have a chic new lengthy hairstyle by the time fall blows in.


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