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Decorate Your Digits With a Logo Manicure

Nail art has taken an unexpected turn. After six months of increasingly impressive designs, the most notable look emerging from Fall 2017 beauty shows is simple and consumer-driven. Funny enough, it’s more focused around fashion than beauty. Rather than focusing on fresh colors, new images, or special effects polishes, new nail art repurposes brand names into nail art. Experts trace this logo manicure to the Balenciaga runway. This spring, the French fashion house painted the brand’s iconic “B” on the fingertips of all their models. Adapting this idea for his own label a few days later, Jin Soon Choi created a customized manicure for his Marc Jacobs models as well. Thanks to these two designers, the logo manicure is on its way to going viral. How will you make this brand-focused look your own in the coming months?

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A logo manicure doesn’t need to be complex. If you’re not comfortable decorating your nails with elaborate brand symbolism and ornate lettering, find a brand name that will spell out aesthetically across your nails. Balenciaga is one of those rare labels with ten letters in its name, meaning its perfect to adorn your nails. Perhaps that’s what inspired the creative team to try out the look in the first place. When it comes to painting letters on individual nails, symmetry and balance are key. If you can, use names that have an even number of letters. When using an off-balance word, find a way to even out the weight with a stark image or alternately colored nail. Commit to your simple logo manicure. As long as each letter seems organized and well-placed, you’ll be fine.

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Simple letters are a fine way to join the logo manicure game, but sometimes your nails need a little more flair. If this is the case, turn to your favorite brand’s other logos and famous designs. This combination of the Hermés lettering and iconic chain link design is a perfect example of how to combine company figures to create your own signature take on their logo. Another fun thing to consider is how you combine the lettering on your nails. Rather than one letter per fingernail, why not try clumping syllables or decorative combinations of letters to make the design more interesting? The important thing to remember when you’re crafting a logo manicure is that each design can feature a lot of creativity. Using company logos as a starting base doesn’t mean you should put aside your imagination.

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If you’re a fan of jewels and 3D nail sculpture, don’t be discouraged. There’s always a way to work some sparkling accessories into a nail design. When it comes to logo manicures, try alternating jewels with letters on your nails. You can also use them to add some life and dimension to the nails with wording on them. One rule of thumb to remember. If you’re using jewels or some other ornate appliqué, keep your artwork simple. Choose some 3D elements or painted imagery inspired by the company logo, not both. Like any other area of fashion or beauty design, it’s never good to have too much going on at a time.


Whether you’ve painted your nails with simple letters or gone all out with some 3D sculpting, you need to tie your logo manicure in with the rest of your outfit. Because this new nail trend highlights the unique brand colors and designs of famous fashion labels, it’s even more important than normal for you to keep close attention to how your nails complement your outfit. Just exercise your brain a bit. Even if you’re just starting out as a beauty guru or fashionista, simple color matching isn’t hard to pull off.

Wild and glitter-covered nails are Instagram famous now, but they’re not going to last you into the fall. When things settle down in September, the logo manicure will be the trend still standing. If you start in on it now, you’ll be way ahead of everyone by the time fall arrives.


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