What is a Lob Haircut and How Can You Wear It?

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This fall, you and all your friends should be getting lob haircuts. What is a lob? In the 90s, it was known as the “Rachel” after Jennifer Aniston’s famous Friends character. Today, it is a hair trend inspired by model Hailey Baldwin’s 90s vintage dress. Technically, the hairstyle is best classified as a long bob. It falls anywhere between the bob and mid-length categories of haircuts, known to be one of the best haircuts for round faces.

Lobs are simple to care for. They’re easy to comb and you can get them trimmed whenever you have the time. In the chaos of the holiday season, you need something easy to maintain. Rush to the salon this week. With this list of lob-tastic photos, you’ll be sure to find the perfect lob for you.

The Lobs of the Rich and Famous

Lob hairstyle
Courtesy of HBZ


An off-center part and tossed waves work surprisingly well if you let them.

lob haircut
Courtesy of HBZ


A more aggressive part that slightly covers your face works, too.

long bob haircut
Courtesy of Mom Fabulous


If you’re a fan of symmetry, part your lob right down the center. Don’t be afraid to let you lob grow out and hang down to your shoulders.

cameron diaz hair
Courtesy of HBZ


If your lob is short, you may face the question of lob versus bob. The thick layers of a true lob are ideal for fall. Bobs make much better spring haircuts.

hair trends 2016
Courtesy of Loxabeauty


The versatility of the lob is on display here. Letting your hair dangle casually as an outline to your face looks natural. Just fluff it up a bit and let those raven waves flow freely.

Beyonce Lob Haircut
Courtesy of Mac


If you want a little bit more variety in color, try some tri-color gradient and lighten up those edges.

lob hairstyle trend
Courtesy of Mac


If you want to be edgy with you lob, try another one of 2016’s hair trends. Choppy edges seem imprecise, but they work. Some light sculpting can work wonders.

jennifer aniston haircut
Courtesy of Beauty Editor


It’s basically Rachel being Rachel. The curved edges are almost too rounded, but we can forgive the iconic actress a bit of artistic liberty.

Lob vs bob
Boston Globe


Just to clarify, this is a bob. I just wanted to clear up any lingering “lob vs bob” confusion.

brad pitt lob
Courtesy of AKNS


My last question is whether a man should have a lob. I’m going to go ahead and say I think the idea is terrible. Do you really want to look like Brad Pitt doing through a mid-life crisis?

What is a lob? A lob is one of the 2016 hair trends we’re proud of and one of the best haircuts for round faces. Try it out. It just may be your new hairstyle for years to come!

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