LipoMassage Is The Skincare Treatment You’ve Been Waiting For

Something new and different is making its rounds in the world of cellulite reduction. It’s a treatment embraced by the likes of Jennifer Lopez that reduces your frustrating bulges of fat with non-invasive new technology. It’s more necessary than you might think. A consistent exercise regimen and healthy diet can do wonders for your figure, but neither will take care of those stubborn pockets of cellulite very quickly. Obliterate that terrible feeling of sweating up a storm for weeks only to wake up with the same love handles and flabby thighs with a new Lipomassage treatment schedule. There’s no cutting or trimming involved and you’ll be looking tight and sexy in just a matter of months.  If scalpels and needles give you a scare but you need to correct some frustratingly saggy skin, this soothing solution may be the perfect fix for you.

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Lipomassage reduces cellulite build-up throughout your body through a system of massaging, rolling, and sucking at the skin’s surface. This combination rejuvenates circulation and uses that new energy to re-sculpt the areas of your figure that diets and exercise seem to miss. Before you begin treatment, your Lipomassage therapist will have you step into a thin full-body suit. This attire adds and extra layer of protection between your skin and the motorized rollers used during your massage. Once you’ve laid down and are feeling comfortable, the treatment will begin. Lipomassage practitioners are trained to cater your treatment to fit your specific weight-loss needs. Often, they’ll have you go through a lipo-evaluation before starting your regimen just to clarify the areas you want worked on and how to get the best results. This is a detailed process. Your therapist will do everything they can to make you look your best.

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There are three major treatments the various types of Lipomassage rollers give your skin. When the rollers roll in, they trigger lipolysis in adipocytes which cause certain fatty acids in your body to break down and go free. This slimming technique is at the heart of Lipomassage technology. It’s like the foundation of a house, a process that underlies every other improvement offered by LPG treatment. After your body begins to release fatty acid, the roll out process stimulates fibroblasts that strengthen your collagen and elastin fibers into an elastic stronghold. This is the element of Lipomassage which tightens your loose and saggy skin into a perfect, toned look. Finally, the rollers roll up to disorganize your fat clusters further and smooth down your dimpled skin. It may sound like a lot of action, but it doesn’t feel that way.  Believe it or not, Lipomassages are extremely soothing.

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For a long time, salon weight loss treatments for men were a taboo. There were always celebrity exceptions, but for the most part, men steered clear of regimens like liposuction in favor of more challenging programs at the gym. Physical fitness and tough diets were the go-to options for men who needed to slim down. Lipomassage is changing that stigma with a treatment that makes both genders feel at ease. The Lipomassage started as a rehabilitation device designed by French engineer Louis-Paul Guitay to help speed up the healing process for those with severe burns and scar tissue. This was a medical apparatus focused on improving people’s well-being whatever their sex or background. Over time, to the delight of many female patients, it became apparent that this healing treatment also resulted in tighter skin and reduced cellulite. Today, this unusual background is motivating both men and women to try Lipomassage.

It isn’t easy to bridge the gender gap while being one of the most exciting skincare technologies on the market, but Lipomassage is going just that. You won’t regret taking part in this innovative treatment. Look into booking an appointment today! Summer is the perfect season to start reducing those pesky chunks of cellulite.


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