Li-Ning Spring/Summer 2020

Li-Ning Presents Spring/Summer 2020 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

This exciting 2020 season ahead marks Li-Ning‘s 30 year brand anniversary. For three decades, the stylish sportswear label, founded by Chinese gymnastics Olympian Li Ning, has been delivering crave-worthy garments that blend performance-ready athletics and trending fashion silhouettes. The Li-Ning Spring/Summer 2020 collection recently made its runway debut during this summer’s Paris Fashion Week, and the colorful and nostalgic pieces are all inspired by the game of ping-pong.

Track pants, polo shirts, sweat bands, shorts, coats, and more brought some retro flair to modern streetwear styles. The designer used comic book sketches, abstract collages and table tennis paddle prints, and Li Ning’s 1984 Summer Olympics #11 in the graphics for this range.

Li-Ning Spring/Summer 2020

“Each season at Li-Ning, we lead with imagination and innovation,” said founder Mr. Li in a press statement. “At the same time, we see Li-Ning as a platform on which we can expose the world to facets of our culture. Ping-pong is our thrilling, fast-paced, energetic national sport, and we are so proud of our national teams’ achievements on the global stage. This collection is presented in tribute to this beautiful game.”

For this Paris Fashion Week season, Li-Ning also debuted its first collaboration with Stefano Pilati and his Berlin-based contemporary label, Random Identities. During the show, lights went down as black-clad models showcased Pilati’s reinterpretation of Li-Ning’s Aurora 2019: “a lo-top trail running night boot in triple black with a built-in LED light that functions at three settings (on, strobe, and intermittent strobe).”

Li-Ning Spring/Summer 2020

“Random Identities is a brand affirming equality intrinsically—creating synergies, learning processes, exchanging cultures, and, ultimately, shaping identities,” brand founder Stefano Pilati said in a statement. “I was introduced to Li-Ning in 2017, and I’ve enjoyed an extended period of observation, interaction, and an open exploration of possibilities. I discovered several styles—all of them unknown in the Western market—that I would find joy in adapting or re-styling through the Random Identities lens. The Aurora 2019 was our chosen style, and thanks to the openness and trust of the Li-Ning team, I can say I am very proud of the results. I am equally satisfied with our creative dialogue and working relationship. Which means this could be considered the beginning of something more.”

Click through the gallery below to view photos from the Li-Ning Spring/Summer 2020 collection presentation at Paris Fashion Week, including backstage and front row guest snaps.

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