Lemon Water Can Transform Your Health

There’s a drink out there that’s insanely inexpensive to make while still being one of the most useful natural concoctions around. All you need are a few lemons and some good old H2O. That’s right. Lemon water is one the up-and-up in the health and wellness sector as well as the beauty and skincare industry. It’s got detoxing benefits that will best even the most stubborn indigestion and serves as the perfect acidic pick-up for pallid skin. Though lemon water has been around since the 10th century, it’s health and beauty qualities weren’t fully discovered until the early 200s. That means most beauticians and nutritionists are still working out how to best use this DIY mix in daily regimens. Hop aboard the bandwagon before it gets too crowded and stir yourself some of this sour-tinged liquid this summer.

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It’s hard to imagine a world where people didn’t know lemons were sour, but when the fruits were first introduced to Europe in the 10th century, they came as decorative plants. These early farmers weren’t plucking lemons to make lemonade or enhance their cuts of meat. Instead, these bright yellow orbs adorned gardens and homes like some light-colored cousin to the orange. It took a whole century for Europeans to discover that lemons were worth eating and had impressive healing properties. The first official use of lemon water was to ward off scurvy among sailors in the 1400s.

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The atomic structure of lemon juice is like the digestive juices found in your stomach. When you ingest the acidic liquid, it tricks your liver into producing bile. This bile helps keep food moving through your body smoothly, which can prove instrumental in easing indigestion and upset stomachs. Lemon water also encourages your body to process good food slowly. Slowing everything down helps your insulin levels to remain steady and motivates your enzymes to flush out toxins lodged in all parts of your body. There are few better ways to cleanse both your skin and inner organs in one fell swoop.

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Your body doesn’t make vitamin C on its own, so you must ingest it. Lemons are a simple way to do this. They’re chock-full of the vitamin. With this extra intense infusion of vitamin C in your body, you’ll get a higher white blood cell count, boost your protection against oxidative damage, and keep away from colds and the flu. Getting your dose in lemon water will help ensure your body gets a sizable amount of nutrients without staggering under a concentration that’s unnaturally high.

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Antioxidants found in lemon water do double duty when it comes to your skin. They fight damage caused by free radicals and encourages your body to keep producing collagen. This keeps your skin looking fresh by replacing tired out skin with fresh cells. Using lemon water as your gentle facial scrub will also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles over the course of a few weeks. It’s important to stick with lemon water for a good amount of time. Let the magic fruit do its work.

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Working some lemon water into your everyday diet can help you lose a few pounds. Thanks to pectin, a fiber commonly found in fruits, you’ll feel full longer. It’s time to quit devouring full-sized meals whenever you feel an itch in your stomach. Chug lemon water instead to stave off the carbs while still satisfying that incessant food craving.

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Coffee is still permitted when you really need a quick boost, but lemon water is proof there are healthier options to help you wake up in the morning. Negative-charged ions like those in lemons increase your energy levels without any need for an artificial boost. Embrace your morning fruit with renewed vigor this summer and substitute a few lemons for your morning grind.

Lemon water is the secret detox mix you’ve been waiting for. It’s simple to make, easy to use, and extremely kind to your checkbook. Before you run out and buy the latest scrub, give lemons a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised.



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