lady gaga outfits you can actually wear

Here Are Some Lady Gaga Outfits You Can Actually Wear

Lady Gaga is an original. There’s no denying that. Whether you love her forays into over-the-top outfits or not, it’s hard to argue there’s ever been another celebrity nearly as passionate about turning up to concerts and red carpets in unimaginable clothing. The woman walked into an awards ceremony and sat for nearly half an hour in a dress made of raw red meat. Eccentricity is one thing, but that kind of feat takes X Factor-style commitment. Along with all her incredible ensembles over the past decade or so, Lady Gaga has also occasionally worn clothes that are accessible to everyday people. In those moments, she becomes a fashion icon worthy of a dedicated following. We want to celebrate the times Lady Gaga has given us looks we can really get behind and go gaga about in our personal wardrobes. Here are the best style choices she’s made so far.

lady gaga fashion
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Need something small and bright to keep you warm when you’re out late? Toss on a petite coat like this. One can always use some extra color on a Friday night.

little black dress
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Treading the tight rope between sexy and chic like a pro, this Gaga look is the epitome of playful. There’s no better way to 90s up a black cocktail dress than bubble gum pink heels and leather evening gloves.

unicorn hair
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Contrast is your friend in the fashion world. Pairing unicorn hair with punk-inspired leather and studded bracelets may seem counterintuitive, but it’s really trendy AF. Just as Gaga.

houndstooth print
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Wear your prints boldly. You don’t need to go this far, but coordinating your dress pattern with decorative flats is totally chic. Skip the patterned shades and substitute a solid pocketbook to achieve true fashion prowess.

mural clothing
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Three months ago, this look would have been typical Lady Gage eccentricity. Thanks to Mary Katrantzou and others, mural-covered fashion is trending. You may not want Mona Lisa draped across your chest, but the right art will make you look super chic.

lady gaga fashion
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Black-on-black fashion and grayscale outfits have run their course and it’s time for something new. Try wearing a neon maxi dress to your next formal soiree. It will draw some attention, but no off-color scoffs.

80s fashion
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It wasn’t easy to welcome shoulder pads back into the fashion fold. Was anyone ever truly a fan of the boxed profile? Steer clear of this fluffy blouse and focus on the loose-fitting trousers and gold fabric belt. That’s Gaga style we can get behind.

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Decadence may not be what it once was, but even in the age of athleisure people appreciate a luxurious detailed dress. Keep your eyes peeled for a gown that teases skin with as much refined grace as this.

printed pantsuits
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Suits decked out in noisy prints are slowly becoming a fashion norm. Another one of Gaga’s outfits that became accessible after the fact, you’ll do much better copying this look in 2017 than back when the star originally wore it.

vintage fashion
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Flash forward to this flashback look Lady Gaga wore earlier this year. Funny enough, this might be her mildest look yet. Clearly, vintage athletic wear is the casual style of choice for this year. Dress accordingly.

Lady Gaga has been behind most of the 21st century’s gaudiest outfits, but accessible style is not lost on her. Along with that staple eccentricity comes a fashion-forward sense which rivals industry icons like the Hadid sisters and Kardashians. Take her advice with a grain of salt and you’ll be the trendy talk of the town this summer.


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