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Kylie Cosmetics’ Vacation Collection Is Almost Sold Out

For an avid fan, Kylie Jenner’s Vacation cosmetics line is old news to you. These beauty gurus were probably camping out at the beauty counter from sunrise last Thursday or poised with your finger hovering over your iPhone. Along with hundreds of other Jennerites, they pounced the moment Vacation’s official release was announced and now over half of Kylie’s new Vacation collection is already sold out. It means slim pickings for the rest of us lesser fans, but a lack of quantity doesn’t mean we must lose out in quality. Whether you’re passionate about trendy makeup or simply want a piece of Kylie’s latest collection, there’s plenty of good options still available in The Vacation Edition. Here are this summer’s Kylie Jenner beauty products you can buy without encountering the roadblock of her eccentric fans. Shop away and enjoy yourself!

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Lip kits are a favorite part of any Kylie Cosmetics collection, but this vibrant violet has been getting a surprising amount of favorable attention. Featuring one stick of matte lipstick and a pencil lip liner to help define those contours, the real winner in the box is color. According to social media, that ever dependable source of beauty critique, June Bug is the vintage pinkish=purple everybody wants and can’t seem to find. With purple in style and disco vintage still going strong, you’re lucky this kit is still available. Grab a few lipsticks for your nightlife shore excursions this summer.

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It seems the more nudes catch on, the wider a variety of options there are to choose from. This is great if you like precise customization when it comes to beauty products, but it can also mean wading through dozens of slight variations to find the perfect fit for your skin tone. In case you can’t make up your mind about what shade of nude lips will work the best with your complexion, this lipstick set from Kylie Cosmetics features for beige options you can play around with. Naked is a sandy beige, Birthday Suit is warmer and tan, Commando takes after terracotta, and Bare is the pinkest tint of the bunch. Kudos to Kylie Jenner for creating trendy makeup and thinking up all those creative ways to allude to nudity.

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Are you freaking out about the difference between velvet and matte finishes? Don’t worry. We rolled our eyes a bit when the trend came around at first, but it grew on us. The key difference between these two looks is as simple as it looks. A matte lipstick will mute the color of your lips completely so that there’s no chance of them awkwardly outshining the rest of your makeup. Velvet lipstick is basically the next step up from a matte product. It will give your lips a slight sheen without going all shiny on you like a glistening gloss. Use velvet to change things up a bit this summer. A little shimmer is always nice.

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There’s a lot to be said for subtlety, but you won’t have the raunchy, rave-infested summer you’ve always dreamed of walking around with matte lipstick on. For those who want to embrace the 90s renaissance in all its glitter-showered, neon-smeared glory, Kylie Jenner has a gloss that will give your lips the super shimmering shine of a turn-of-the-century babe. The descriptions of this product use the word “super” so many times it’s near impossible to resist. Girlish charm may not be appropriate for every situation, but when it is, Kylie Cosmetics have got you covered.

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Ruddy red and yellowish gold come together in Kylie Cosmetic’s second summer helping of glitter-infused lip gloss. The full color gives this product a more modern feel than The Vacation Edition’s Glitz Gloss, which looks thin and niche in comparison. Your lifestyle should determine which item dish out for. Are you a party girl looking for your next big concert experience? You need some light-hearted Glitz. Is your life filled with classy soirees and opening night red carpet events? Then Glamour, Kylie’s peachy-red shade mixed with flecks of gold, will be your saving grace.

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Kylie Jenner sure has a lot of glow-enthused fans. After the crazed influx of purchases this weekend, there’s only one bronzer palette you can still purchase from The Vacation Edition. Luckily, it features standard Kylie Cosmetics colors that will give your face a subtle summer glow. This Skinny Duo kit has two options. There’s the warm bronze shade titled Sun Kissed if you need a touch of tan or Glow Up, a light-colored gold for more shimmer and less color.

You might have missed out on most of Kylie Jenner’s new beauty line, but the products that aren’t sold out will still elevate your makeup look. Don’t miss your chance to have some of the best products on the market this summer. Jennerite or not, you can still enjoy this celebrity’s undeniable sense of style.


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