Kylie Cosmetics Truck

Kylie Cosmetics Is Working On a Pop-Up Truck

What is it about trucks that make everyday experiences so much more fun? My childhood self will swear to you that sweet treats off of ice cream trucks always tasted better than the bulk packs from supermarkets. And sampling limited-edition snacks and lunches off of food trucks couldn’t be trendier right now. But now, it seems like Kylie Jenner is dreaming up a way for us to shop makeup products on the go: with a custom Kylie Cosmetics Truck.

That’s right! Kylie Cosmetics has reportedly filed a trademark for a “Kylie Truck.” The idea is that fans will be able to pick up Lip Kits, eyeshadow sets, and more Kylie Jenner merchandise from this mobile spot.

While there is no timeframe for these trucks to hit the streets just yet, Kylie Cosmetics sure is on a roll with these limited-edition pop-up sales ideas. This holiday season, the brand has set up seven temporary retail locations inside popular Topshop stores around the United States. In addition to giving her fans a new way to shop her previously online-only products, she also created custom lip kit sets to shop exclusively in these pop-ups.

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2017 TopshopImage Source

You’ve got to admit these are some pretty clever shopping methods! Though we imagine the lines for Kylie Cosmetics Truck stops are going to be longer than ever.

Will you be on the lookout for the Kylie Cosmetics Truck? We sure will be!

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