KKW Beauty nude lipsticks

KKW Beauty To Debut a New Nude Lipstick Line

If you know anything about Kim Kardashian‘s favorite makeup routine, it involves some expert-level contouring, subtle yet impactful highlighting and a luxurious nude-toned lip color. Now that her KKW Beauty brand has already launched contour kits, concealers, highlighters, and more, it’s about time for her to work on getting us all that glam nude lip look. Luckily, we don’t have to wait that long to shop from a range of Kim-approved colors, because KKW Beauty nude lipsticks are on their way this week.

This Friday, June 8, KKW Beauty will be launching eight nude lipsticks in a long lasting creme formula, featuring a variety of undertones to flatter many skin tones. All of the shades were inspired by Kim’s own go-to neutral lip looks – and the reality TV star has already been rocking her own KKW brand products for several months now.

Kim’s youngest sister (and beauty collab buddy) Kylie Jenner really has to watch out here, because the latest KKW launch also includes three nude toned lip liner shades that can be mixed and matched with the lipsticks to find your perfect fit. We’re interpreting this as the 2.0 extension of Kim’s previous KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics liquid creme lipstick collaboration, just with a new formula.

There is a crucial shopping difference though: instead of clever names, these liners and bullet lipsticks are given shade numbers (1-3 and 1-8, respectively) corresponding to the color range. Nude 1 is described as a light pinky nude; Nude 2, a warm light nude; Nude 3, a mid-tone terracotta; Nude 4, a mid-tone cool nude; Nude 5, a mid-tone rosy nude; Nude 6, a deep brown nude; Nude 7, a mocha nude; and Nude 8, a deep chocolate nude.

Click through the gallery below to see the new KKW Beauty nude lipsticks in action.

Click on individual images to expand tiles.

The new collection of KKW Beauty nude lipsticks will be dropping exclusively on KKWBeauty.com at 12 PM PST on June 8.

You can pick up each creme lipstick for $18 apiece, each glide-on lip liner for $12 a pencil, or the entire 8-piece lipstick collection for $144.

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