KKW Beauty Flashing Lights

KKW Beauty Announces Flashing Lights Powder Collection for Kim Kardashian’s Birthday

While Kylie Cosmetics is all about doing over-the-top birthday collections each year to honor brand creator Kylie Jenner, so far her older sister Kim Kardashian‘s makeup label KKW Beauty has not released any similar limited-edition product ranges. But this year, the upcoming 38th birthday of Kim Kardashian West will be celebrated with a colorful, vibrant line of saturated pigments called the KKW Beauty Flashing Lights collection.

Typically, Kim and her brand are known for their nude-toned makeup products and minimalist packaging aesthetic – but these vibrant and showy pieces are a whole different story! The label took to social media to announce the line’s upcoming arrival and reveal shockingly-bright first-look images.

The KKW Beauty Flashing Lights range is made up of seven Pressed Powder Pigments and seven Loose Powder Pigments, which are all about delivering impactful and shine.

The Pressed Powder Pigments range features incredible jewel-toned shades of blue, silver, gold, purple, and more. The colors are named Freaky, Big Bank, New Drop, Flashy, Bands, Extra, and Glass. The pearlized colors meant to add dimension to your eye makeup looks – and you can rock them wet or dry for your desired intensity.

Each eyeshadow shade is set to sell for $21, or can be picked up in the full-range Flashing Lights Pressed Bundle for a discounted $134.

The Loose Powder Pigments come in similarly jewel-toned coordinating shades, named Fire, Rollie, Ice Glaze, Floss, Grill, Guap, and High Key. These daring colors can be used dry or be intensified when wet.

Using a brush of your fingers, you can dust these shimmering colors on cheekbones or the contours of your face to add a can’t-miss glow. The brand said this versatile product can also be uses as eyeliner, on top of the pressed powders, or mixed in with lip gloss.

Each color powder vial will be available for $17 each, or you can shop them all together in the 7-piece Flashing Lights Loose Bundle for a discounted $106. We can’t even imagine how stunning your finished looks will be when you start mixing these statement-making hues!

The KKW Beauty Flashing Lights collection will be available exclusively on KKWBeauty.com starting at 12 PM PST on Friday, October 19.

Kim Kardashian will be celebrating her birthday just a few days later on October 21 – and we can’t wait to see which of these shades she’ll be rocking herself for the big occasion.

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