KKW Beauty Concealer

Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty Announces Concealer Kit Debut

Kim Kardashian‘s makeup brand KKW Beauty is expanding its product offering to include a set of concealers. Judging by Kim’s early sneak peek, dropped across her popular social media platforms, the upcoming KKW Beauty Concealer kits will consist of three blendable options to help you “conceal, bake, and brighten.”

While this three-step process may seem daunting for a makeup newbie who still wants pro-quality looks, Kim shared that it was formulated keeping in mind “the girl who’s not a beauty blogger or an influencer or a makeup artist, and who doesn’t get her makeup done — like a lot of my friends,” she told Allure. “They legitimately don’t know that you have to bake it, blend it, brighten, so I just wanted to make it really easy and show people how I really do my makeup.”

KKW Beauty Concealer

For her launch campaign, Kim attempted to showcase her products on models of as many different ages and skin tones as possible. This echoes how she formulated her concealers in the first place.

“Once we get the formula right, then we go to shades,” Kim told the mag about the product’s creative process. “I see everything that’s out there and then we start testing it on a bunch of different people, which includes models and everyday people. We try them on so many different skin tones, take pictures, and see what people are liking, and do so many focus groups. Pictures also help so you can see what the formula looks like with and without flash. I like to see it all just to see how it really wears.”

This resulted in four shade categories with four color options within each.

KKW Beauty Concealer

Kim even tapped her own mom Kris Jenner and grandma M.J. to star in a series of photo shoot snaps. (Three generations of glam in one? We love it!)

“I wanted to show it’s not always about these young, perfect models that are going to look good no matter what,” Kim explained about this decision. “We really had to make sure that the concealer worked on different skin types and ages as well, so it was important to show that in the campaign.”

Of course, Kim had a blast working with her family on this special project.

“I wanted something different, and for them to be seen in a way that they really haven’t been seen before,” she shared. “My grandma’s never worn a blonde wig before. I thought she looked so good. We had the best time on set and it was such a good memory for us.” We’d expect nothing less!

The KKW Beauty Concealer line will be available exclusively on Kim’s website starting on March 23, 2018.

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