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Kim Kardashian Is A Street Style Expert

Kim Kardashian is subject of controversy for many in the fashion world, but despite the all the rumors and drama, she is still one of celebrity streetwear’s biggest stars. Unlike her husband Kanye, Kim gets it. She understands how to mix couture trends into her everyday fashion and make high-end design seem accessible to street style enthusiasts. When you look at her daily ensembles, it’s clear to a Kardashian every week is Paris Fashion Week no matter how casual the occasion. You can complain all you want, but if building a casual wardrobe you can count on is of any importance to you, you’ll keep an eye on what Kim Kardashian wears in her day-to-day life. It’s trendy, fresh, and looks great on the street or on the runway. Here is an extensive example of what Kim wears and why you should be copying her looks.

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This superhero look is a bit revealing, but the colors blend right in on the city streets. Slip on an undershirt and you’ll be good to go with this poncho.

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Compare Kim and North West on this charming outing. You can make a slip dress casual with a t-shirt or leave the scooping neckline bare to show off a little skin. Oh, the wondrous virtuosity of the 90s favorite common gown.

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Street style can be super sexy if you’re brave enough to try. In this all-leather ensemble, Kim reveals just enough to be edgy without feeling uncomfortable. Leather is a failsafe way to tap into the sensual side of your wardrobe.

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Always coming up with new ways to wear black, this Kardashian outfit uses a uniquely draped dress to highlight Kim’s classic bandeau. It feels deconstructed like a John Galliano runway piece but is still wearable enough to go out in.

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Braving her husband’s Yeezy Season 4 collection, this ensemble from Kim looks super comfy. It’s a little baggy for semi-formal events, but if you’re wandering the city on a cool summer’s morning, it’s all you need.

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You’ve heard it said you should be stealing that oversized blazer from your boyfriend’s closet and wearing it out as couture fashion. Well, the advice is true. This look from Kim proves that a large blazer can make an excellent dress.

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The infamous velour tracksuit is coming back and you need a way to dress it up. That’s where a duster will come in handy. Any trench coat will do, from velvet to cotton. Athleisure isn’t so bad if you know how to make it look like more than gym clothes.

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Calling anyone who was obsessed with Claire Danes and My So-Called Life in high school! Flannel really is back as a casual force in streetwear fashion. This drab but colorful shirt on Kim is solid proof. If you’re taking a leisurely day off, it’s alright to dress a little bit sloppy.

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While we’re on the topic of flannels, let’s tackle Western Chic. Mastering the cowgirl aesthetic doesn’t have to mean gaudy belt buckles and a Stetson hat. Sometimes, beige lace-up ankle booties, classic jeans, and a lumberjack flannel are all you need to pull off western Americana. Just look how Kim does it.

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A duster can fancy up your velour tracksuit and expensive furs will elevate your sweats. If all you can bear to wear on your day off are sneakers, sweats, and a tank top, pull a luxurious fur coat off the rack. It will give you class and disguise your gym wear as casual chic.

It’s true. Kanye has struggled in the fashion world and Kim is a hit-or-miss kind of celebrity. However, there is one area where the Kardashian name always thrives. When in doubt about New York chic and city street style, there’s no better name to turn to than Kim.



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