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9 Times Kim Kardashian Made Casual Fashion Look Cool

You’ve heard the name Kim Kardashian West more times than you care to count, but how about Kim Kardashian casual? Chuckle and roll your eyes, but the idea of Kim simplifying all those expensive outfits to embrace summertime casual is far from a media myth. In 2017, she showed fashionistas across the globe which laid-back trends wouldn’t compromise their carefully crafted style. Now, we know you only have a few weekends left to enjoy beach towns in all their warm weather glory, but that’s no reason not to hop aboard the Kim casual bandwagon. Whether you jump in immediately or treasure these tips away for a tropical wintertime vacation, these trendy looks are worth the time. Let this street style-savvy queen of fashion show you a thing or two about how to dress casually in the sweltering heat. You might just find Kim isn’t as imposing as you think.

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A knit off-the-shoulder dress could be an oxymoron, but not if you wear it in March. When Kim sported this ribbed dress with Louboutin snakeskin boots, exposed shoulders became the top look of 2017.

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Kim basically made a case for flaunting bare feet after having sushi with Kanye in April. Though she is wearing lucite heels, this outfit clear shows that good looking feet have a place in summertime fashion.

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Vintage fashion doesn’t have to feel runway worthy. Light-wash jeans like these are as 90s as they come and yet they don’t give off any fashionable airs. You should head to the thrift store before fall hits. It’s bound to have a similarly holey pair for you to take home.

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Coasting on the corset trend from early this spring, Kim slipped on a lace-up tee at the beach. Though such minimal fabric might be too risqué for your taste, keep the laces in mind. You never know when a trendy tying technique will come in handy.

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No one knew exactly what to make of 2017’s obsession with bodysuits, but Kim makes a convincing argument for giving the trend a try.  Top off your sleek suit with a simple pair of jeans to highlight your athleisure prowess.

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Call it a waistcoat, poncho, or shirt, this Chalayan top says unconventional fashion is alive and well on the streets as well as in the studio. We can’t all afford the breathtaking clothes Kim can, but that’s no reason not to be creative.

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Welcome back to the 80s when crew neck sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants were the go-to lazy day outfit. The look may seem out of place, but if Kim can wear it, you can. Stock up on cushy athleisure clothes and lounge comfy this fall.

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No matter what you’re wearing, a flannel thrown on top will make it casual and grungy. 90s aside, this is the perfect quick fix if your wardrobe feels too professional. You’ll have bigger fish to fry later, but first, do what Kim does and slip into a soft, over-sized flannel.

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As summer fades, your skin-exposed looks will need a second layer to fend off the occasional cool breeze. Before you stress about floppy fur coats, drape the boyfriend’s blazer across your shoulders. It’s a chic, easy fix for your shivering arms.

Casual summer fashion should be so much more than shorts and t-shirts. If you’re not sure how much street style to mix in with your summertime haute couture, Kim holds the answers. Heed her advice to keep your look chic yet relaxed.


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