Kendall Jenner Adidas Arkyn

Kendall Jenner Debuts the Adidas Originals Arkyn Sneaker Campaign

Kendall Jenner is back for another fabulous new Adidas Originals campaign, this time to unveil the brand’s Arkyn sneaker. The model rocks the sporty mesh shoe – which features a minimalist design and creative lacing detailing – with a retro-inspired Team Adidas sweater jersey half-zip top and trendy camo print drawstring pants for her newly-released photo shoot images.

Kendall Jenner Adidas Arkyn

Adidas has described the Arkyn as a “a trainer for creating, working, thinking, inspiring and collaborating in.” With objectives like those, you know that the brand is targeting stylish creatives with their latest launch.

“It’s time to push back on the cliches, they’re wearing thin. A new, technical silhouette, rooted in adidas’ iconic vintage style, that looks both to yesterday and tomorrow. Like the best creatives, the shoe is inspired by the archive and the future,” Adidas shared.

The brand raved about working with Kendall, explaining that her spirit perfectly embodies the objectives behind the campaign.

“She might be one of the most famous models in the world, but she won’t let herself be defined by it,” Adidas shared. “Moving seamlessly between design, writing, acting, and photographing her friends and family, she’s a shining example of an empowered female creator who cannot be boxed in.”

Kendall Jenner Adidas Arkyn

The Adidas Originals Arkyn shoe will be launching globally online and in stores on April 5, 2018, and we expect the debut to make a big impact.

Kendall Jenner Adidas Arkyn

To watch the campaign video for the Arkyn launch, be sure to press play on the video below.

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All images via Adidas Originals, by Renell Medrano


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