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Kaia Gerber’s Top 3 Denim Secrets

Kaia Gerber is certainly one of the hottest fashion “It Girls” of the moment. While we can learn a lot of styling secrets from watching the model on the runway, one element of her off-duty style that really inspires us is her love for jeans. Here, we’re rounding up the most helpful denim tips shared by Kaia.

1. Never underestimate the versatility of one pair of jeans.

Kaia swears by her favorite pair of Hudson jeans. Whether it’s hot or cold, formal or informal, she finds new ways to refresh her denim look. “I don’t even have to think about it, I just grab them and put them on with anything. When it’s hot I wear them anyway. Crop tops or a lighter top when it’s hot out. A sweater the rest of the time. It’s just easier to find a favorite pair of jeans and make them work all the time.”

We’re with you on this, Kaia. This method is both cost efficient and comfortable.

2. Never purchase jeans that are too tight.

Speaking of comfort, it’s super crucial when it comes to splurging on a good pair of denim. Jeans that are too tight are the worst. Even Kaia thinks so. “The worst thing for me is an uncomfortable jean, especially when you’re traveling. The good thing about Hudson is that they have stretch, which is so important for me, because I can wear these jeans on planes without getting “the line.”

There you have it – nobody wants the dreaded line.

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3. Leave the ripped denim details to the designers.

DIY is great when it comes to creating your own beauty products, not so much when it comes to creating rips in your jeans. “If you like that look, and you don’t want to waste a pair of jeans, I would just buy jeans with good rips in them already. I’ve learned my lesson. I trust the designer’s skills way more than my own.” Kaia said of her tragic, jean-destroying past.

Sometimes you have to just trust the hands of the expert more than your own. It will be worth it when it comes to crafting your perfect denim OOTD. For inspiration, check out Kaia’s look below.

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