Nick Jonas John Varvatos JV x NJ

Nick Jonas and John Varvatos Team Up on JV x NJ Fragrance

The John Varvatos and Nick Jonas fashion partnership is an exciting project we can really get behind. Since the menswear label first debuted the 25-year-old singer as their newest hands-on celebrity collaborator, the brand has released a complete Detroit-inspired capsule collection of garments accompanied by several smoldering hot black and white campaign shoots. Now, the stylish duo is taking their collaboration into the beauty space, by launching a brand new fragrance together: JV x NJ.

Nick Jonas John Varvatos JV x NJ

Nick has previously starred in the John Varvatos brand’s last fragrance launch campaign for the scent Artisan Pure, so he knows a thing or two about the process. In creating JV x NJ, the duo blended up a distinctly masculine blend that comes housed in a sleek navy blue bottle with silver hardware-inspired detailing.

“Our first collaborative scent, JV x NJ is dynamic and irresistible, capturing the upbeat energy of the city as dusk settles and nightlife comes alive,” the fashion brand shared on its website. “In the heart of the fragrance, aromatic notes are combined for masculine comfort and a touch of nostalgia, featuring hints of Mandarin, Lavender, and Sandalwood.”

Nick Jonas John Varvatos JV x NJ

It seems like Nick’s rockstar edge and the John Varvatos brand aesthetic are a match made in heaven, which has been informing so many of the collaboration’s wonderful design choices.

“The common thread for both of us was our love of both music and fashion, how they really inform each other and how they’ve done so for many, many years,” Nick previously shared with GQ about working with John. “We connected on that. As far as being a face of his brand, it’s one of those things that seemed like the right fit. There were some fresh ideas that I was bringing to the table with my interest in fashion and the things that I’m drawn to, and then learning from him about what the process is for building a collection, what the steps are. I wanted him to take the lead and be a student, to soak up as much as I could, and I’m thankful he gave me the opportunity to give some real input and be a real partner in this.”

You can shop the JV x NJ fragrance for men on and at select fragrance counters now.

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