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Add Sparkle To Your Summer With New Jewelry Trends

Summer is a great time to show off your glam. You’re showing more skin and sporting a tan. Warm weather jewelry trends are designed to show off those naked parts of you and add a bit of flair to your otherwise empty wrists, ankles, and ears. The question is how you can pick the pieces that are both stylish and personal. Jewelry is the birthplace of customization. Long before technology was helping consumer design clothes and blend lotions catered to their specific needs, jewelers were serving individuals hand and foot. It’s important not to lose that individual touch amidst the frenzy of modern jewelry trends. As you browse through the selection of 2017 looks for your accessories drawer, don’t pick anything until it speaks to you. Trust me. Hidden within these trends is a little something for everyone.

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90s fashion isn’t going anywhere and neither is the famed choker. There are just more varieties now. If a thin plastic band wrapped around your neck doesn’t strike your fancy, opt for something wider or slightly more decorative. Don’t let the 90s control you. Take choker fashion to the next level and bend it to your accessory whims.

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If you’re passionate about symmetry, apologies in advance. Thanks to Alexander McQueen and J. W. Anderson, non-identical earrings have become an unexpected fashion obsession. Of course, mix-matching doesn’t simply mean you can throw any two earrings together and make the look work. Pair up complementary colors and similar designs to craft a cohesive look that won’t get you scoffed at.

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Mix-matched jewelry can have a lop-sided effect, but there’s nothing more imbalanced than the single earring look. When it comes to wearing earrings in 2017, the general rule seems to be asymmetry. Designers like Tibi and Paul Smith give you permission to go as big as you like. If you want to wear one huge hoop and nothing else in your ear lobes, go for it!

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Pendants are everywhere this year but only in summer are they this incredibly big. Whether you’re flaunting an initial or wearing a metallic medallion, the rule of thumb for summer charms is go big or leave it at home. While you’re at it, make the necklace big and gaudy. It might lessen the shock of your oversized charm.

jewelry trends
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Those iconic gold snakes you see wrapped around the arms of Egyptian princesses are back in style. They’re one of the best jewelry trends you’ll see on the beaches in June and July. Almost anything goes if it’s tight enough to fit around your upper arm and not slip down. Just remember not to wear something so tight it bites off the circulation to your hand. Decorative snakes shouldn’t have a killer grip.

jewelry trends
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Your armlet should be subtle and spacious if possible to seductively tease your arm skin. Don’t give your wrists the same delicate touch. In 2017, bracelet fashion is one of the chaotic jewelry trends. Your wrist should look super busy and feel much heavier than normal. Obviously, this isn’t a trend to carry over into your practical life, but if you’re headed out to a social function with minimal lifting required, glam up those arms!

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In the summer, your ankles are on full display. Some people love the feeling of naked feet on the pavement but if you prefer something slightly less revealing, try using an anklet. This decorative bracelet will give your foot a little something to hide behind as you’re finishing up on pedicure treatments. It’s a great way to refine your beach fashion and there’s no better way to fancy up that summer footwear.

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For the most part, jewelry trends in 2017 aren’t about flowing free. From chokers to armlets, most pieces are designed around a good, firm grip. Tassel-covered jewelry is the exception to the rule. If you feel hemmed in by the jewelry trends you’re incorporating into your wardrobe, go out and get some tassel bracelets. They’ll sparkle as you walk and leave give your body more freedom.

Shake up your jewelry collection with some new designs and trends this summer. It’s a great excuse for an expensive shopping spree. Time to let the embellishment begin!


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