Unique Pieces of Jewelry Every Minimalist Needs

If you’re into minimalistic style, you may find yourself searching for ways to add some life to your wardrobe and unique jewelry is absolutely one of the best ways. If your style is a bit more eclectic, there are ways to tone it down (if you want) by letting your jewelry speak. Your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can add some flavor and personality to a white tee and denim outfit. I’ll show you how to wear stand-out pieces without going overboard. Read on!

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Slave Bracelets

The ring is enslaved by the bracelet – and what an attractive imprisonment it is. The ring and bracelet are connected to one another by a chain that runs along the middle of your hand. They’re symmetrical when the ring is placed on your middle finger, but you can really place the ring on any finger you choose. Slave bracelets are made from the simplest silver chain materials without embellishments, to hardcore, heavy materials. This bracelet covers the need of wearing both a bracelet and a ring and can be worn with any outfit depending on the bracelet you choose.

Fold up your sleeves and let this bracelet shine. You can pair it up with other bracelets if you desire.

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Big Hoops

This trend will never, ever die. The best part of big hoops is that they mesh with everything you can possibly wear from evening gowns, to summer rompers, to sweats. Spice up the traditional hoop by looking for ones adorned with wrapping, beads, or interesting shapes (hoops are more than just a circle.) Colored hoops can add a pop to your outfit and will let you downplay the rest of your clothing and jewelry.

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Body Chains

Probably the sexiest that jewelry can get. Body chains are applied like a necklace, and clasp either at your waist or your upper/lower back (depending on the style you prefer.) Wear body chains in the summer under tank tops, sheer blouses, and even bathing suits. In the winter, spice up a boring sweater with a body chain, or even wear it over tight turtlenecks. Somehow, no matter what you wear it with, they always manage to look sexy.

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What a comeback. You’ll find chokers in every material, color, texture, and design you can possibly imagine. If you’re going for a bold, all black look, try a (faux) leather choker to complete your ensemble- you’ll find that’s all the jewelry you need if you pair it with small studs. A choker with a pendant can really display your personality. If you’re after something with a more minimal look, a silver or gold-toned chain choker can add edge while still being sweet.

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Duster Earrings

These earrings transform plain outfits into elegant ensembles. Most duster earrings reach your shoulders, though that’s not always the case. Pair these earrings with a shoulder-less top or tube top. You can also contrast a bold-colored duster earring against a white or black sweater. With duster earrings, be wary of wearing necklaces or you can over-kill your look.

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Statement Necklace

A good statement necklace will declutter you from excessive jewelry. These are lovely in the summer with a tube top, leaving your arms completely bare from bracelets; in the winter, wear them over sweaters. With such a wide range available from the simple to the artsy, you have complete creative freedom!

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Ear Crawlers

These earrings go against jewelry gravity submission by climbing up your ear. It will certainly add an interesting touch to your face’s frame. Try these with an up-do or half-up hairstyle so you can show them off.

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