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Jason Wu Designs a Tech-Forward Capsule Collection with Stitch Fix

How cool would it be for fashion designers to know precisely what you wanted to wear on any given day… even before you yourself knew it? Well, it looks like Jason Wu is well on his way to making it happen. The celeb-favorite designer just announced his partnership with Stitch Fix, an online subscription personal shopping and styling service. In collaboration with the company, Jason released a capsule collection of five beautiful pieces designed with shoppers’ biggest needs in mind.

Stitch Fix essentially matches shoppers to their perfect outfits by taking a virtual quiz to discover their color, style, and fit profile. Not only can subscribers get connected to their fashion needs, but they can also upload links to Pinterest or Instagram photos that inspire their wardrobe.

All of this data gets crunched together to recommend the specific pieces that go with their lifestyle – and users can shop from that curated feed. “It’s kind of like a dating app for clothes,” Jason Wu said about the service.

This new tech innovation allows designers to more appropriately meet the needs of their customers, as they don’t have to worry about traditional fusses, like how clothing will sell at retail or how it will look on store racks. Keeping this in mind, Jason worked with totally different fabrics and styles than his normal collection to create his 5-garment Stitch Fix line.

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Jason Wu explained that he approached Stitch Fix himself to start up the partnership, even though no other labels have participated in this kind of fashion-meets-technology collaboration before.

“I’ve never been afraid to be the first,” he said, showing confidence in being a leader in this tech space. “I have no doubt that other designers are going to come calling after this.”

This is definitely an innovative, future-minded way to shop!

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